Oct 2, 2010

Walk on the Edge

Spent the last hour or so just sitting in front of my heater thinking about stuff. Ugh. I hate thinking.

Anyway! Earlier I was actually pchatting =u= I don't do it too often (it's too hard to draw there). But I was frustrated with drawing in SAI, so I decided to give it a shot:


[I will never get sick of drawing Hiyo-piyo >u<]

[Had so much fun drawing these two! But I still need to learn how to draw Kibito better.. OTL;;]

[Ki-chan requested me to draw nekkid Sasuke. Unfortunately, I didn't think to go into the adult pchat room beforehand. So I had to put clothes on him xD! 

He looks a little too manly here.. He makes me think of his dad (with the little shadow to the left of his lip), Fugaku.]

[Um.. Yeah. Totally random. This is for my brother. Who has some sort of.. story.. idea.. thing.. (they're not paired though, don't worry) xD;;]

Once again, I'm using a song title. 'Walk on the Edge', sung by Yamato/Matt from Digimon Adventure >u<)d

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