Oct 19, 2011


Yeah, I know. Sorry I haven't posted here in quite a long time. I've taken up blogging over at Tumblr. But I still like this place, so I'll try not to leave this permanently just yet ;u;

Anyway, now that that's cleared up, I just came on here to have a bit of a family rant. (Highlight area:) I'm on facebook at the moment, having a chat with my mother. I don't really want to repeat everything we've been talking about, but apparently mom and my older brother had a spat over our grandma, who'd taken to coming over at the most inopportune times this past month.

My brother apparently scolded our grandma the last time she came over, and she got the nerve to cry to our mom about it. So mom scolded him over the phone. I really don't want to get into the middle of this bullshit, but I admit my brother had a point. Grandma only came over last time to cook something we weren't hungry for, and then just left it on the counter. My brother had a guest over at the time as well, so he kind of had the right to be annoyed with how loud she was.

While I don't think it's fair that grandma got a scolding for what she did, even if she deserved it a little (I mean, c'mon, she's old), I think mom is way out of line punishing my brother for it (though their own phone fight did get out of line on its own), because she's not even around anymore. I'd hardly put her in position to be responsible for what we do here.

My mother and brother have been fighting on and off for quite a while now. I won't get into specifics, but I believe I know where their fight originated, so my chat with mom has gotten a little deeper than intended. But I think I've at least diverted my brother's punishment at least a little. I managed to convince mom to take my brother out for a day so they can talk it out without my younger brother and myself in the way. Because even if the two don't make it obvious they've fought, I still feel the hurt over it.

Sometimes I hate being the only daughter/sister. I like to think I have the most insight about the workings of this family, even if it becomes a drag because everyone tends to come to me with their problems, or if they don't, it becomes my problem anyway because they're not resolving things and it's getting tiresome. I'm feeling restless now just from that chat.

Thanks for letting me rant, blog.

Jul 27, 2011


Gosh, it's already nearing the end of the month. I really need to find some way to keep myself active here. I like keeping an active blog. I don't really count my tumblr as a blog, but I've been more active there lately, so if anyone's interested, you can add me here! ♥ It's mostly Harry Potter themed, though. I've even been thinking of changing this blog so it's Harry Potter themed as well..

I'm mostly over BG's death now. To be honest, I was letting my imagination run wild those first couple of days, thinking of how the accident happened. I'd like to think BG died quite instantaneously, even though the lady said she'd taken him to the vet. -I think the one thing that upset me the most about BG dying is that he had to have been on his way home when he got hit. The way the lady explained how it happened, he was crossing the street back to our house. I cried so hard when I realized that.

But I'm definitely okay now. I haven't even cried when thinking about him. I've only been thinking of the good memories, which really does help one cope. One of the other reasons I've coped as well as I have is that my brother's cat, Tubby (BG's sister), has become rather clingy with me as of late. I used to find her so annoying because she wasn't mine and she'd come to me to feed her (not that my brothers do a good job of feeding the cats regardless), but I can't find it in my heart to turn her away now. She's been sleeping at the end of my bed, and cuddling in my lap when I'm sitting here on my computer chair..

I like to think that she misses BG as well (which I cried about at first), so the two of us have become companions of sorts. I actually love that she comes to me for cuddles, because Chari loves to sleep in J room and doesn't hang out with me as much anymore ;3; Stupid bitch, lol.

On completely different note, it's my brother's birthday in 2 days. He'll be turning 23. Christ! When I think of how old he is, it reminds me of how old I'm getting myself. That just makes me depressed TT^TT;;

I'll try to update again (false promises) this week sometime. Blog title because I'm reading a Harry Potter fic where Sirius is just so childish and makes the best comments! xD ♥

Jul 20, 2011

R.I.P. BG (Big Green)

R.I.P.  BG (Big Green)
02/11/10 - 19/07/11

You’ll always be my little Bee
my Biege, my B-Boy, my Lady Bitch

Jul 14, 2011

My Life As Of 1AM

I just keep forgetting all about this place, don't I? I blame it all on Tumblr. It's so much more simpler to use when it comes to writing what's on your mind, instead of leaving it until a few days later like I tend to do here =3=);;

So Deathly Hallows Part 2 is out at the cinema here. I'm going to see it, definitely, but I'm not sure when. I don't know if I'm going as group with my dad, brothers, etc. Or if we're waiting until mom comes back from Queensland to watch it again. I actually want to go see it myself on Friday perhaps. I've never been to the cinema on my own before, it'll be like a new experience!

Alright, so I've been slow in the drawing department yet again (I was at dad's for almost a week, so I only had pencil and paper). Here's a quick Harry Potter art dump:

Jul 3, 2011

Pink Toothbrush

Fanart of Lucifer and Chamuel from this deviation that I'm doing on drawr. I swear, even though they're chibis, they have so much personality. Lucifer looks so damn appealing. And Chamuel is just adorbz! I had to draw the two of them together.

I don't know if anyone's really noticed since I don't really post my attempts, but I've been drawing more couples lately. Mostly in this type of 'embracing' pose. I really love softcore fluffy moments.

I'm back at home from Queensland, by the way. Technically, I've been back at home since last Tuesday. But it seems I've forgotten to update in all the excitement. I can't believe it's July already. I didn't even realize until I saw it was the 2nd yesterday. But I can blame that on the fact I pulled an all nighter the day before, so my body clock is a bit on the fritz.

In fact, it's currently 4AM already. I'm heading to bed now. I just wanted to get this update over with (I'll try update again very soon-ish!) since I promised my waifu yesterday that I'd post ♥

P.S. My toothbrush is pink.

Jun 22, 2011

Indoor Malls FTW

So later today we're finally having a day out! Lately mother, my brother, and I have just been mooching on C's hospitality. Not that I really wanted to go out (as I haven't been feeling too good the past couple of days). We were supposed to go out yesterday, but a house inspector was coming over and no time was set for this, so we had to stay at the house.

I really do love the indoor malls here in the Gold Coast. It's definitely challenging, trying not to get lost and finding yourself walking in one direction for ages. I really feel like a tourist, even though we've been shown around once or twice.

One store I really enjoyed in the second indoor mall we visited is the Asian food store. I know that's pretty lame, but we don't get this kind of food back at home. Our local Asian food store is so mediocre in comparison to the almost-supermarket (which is actually just a small store that's well packed xD).

While we're on the topic of stores though, do any of you feel like you must go into a book store or news agencies? I've always been compelled to visit a news agency when I go out, and the book stores are sort of a new thing now that I'm beginning to enjoy the feel of holding a nicely designed book in my hands. When mom left J and I to wander alone the last time we went shopping, we visited every single news agency and book store we saw (4 NA's and 3 BS's), and always looked at each other before we walked into them like we were having some silent agreement.

Anyway, after we go out tomorrow, we might be going to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I'm not particularly interested in seeing it, but it's hard to sway mother away from something she sets her mind to. If First Class is viewing at the same time, I'm totally ditching PotC for it. Nie speaks so much of her love for X-Men FC lately that it's really got me itching to watch! D<

Speaking of Nie, the picture above is for her. RyoMina forever ♥♥♥

P.S. I really, really badly want to change my blog layout. AGAIN. What is wrong with me.

Jun 19, 2011

"He never had much sense."

I don't really know why I'm making a post about this fanfic rather than writing a review or journal about my holiday in Queensland. I even just got back from a one-night camp where I had the worst sleep ever because of the cold, and I'm now up at 2AM! However, I do have a decent amount to write about later on what I've been doing during the past week, and I don't have any art porgrams (aside from Paint) to use so I can crop and resize photos (I went absolutely photo crazy over this one plant/tree called 'Black Boys' I saw at the bush/farm we went camping at).

Anyway, here's the summary of the fanfic I wish to share, as well as a link to the fanfic itself:

Everyone's heard of Dedalus Diggle's display of shooting stars in Kent. What most people don't know is why he did it.

It's a very short oneshot that says a lot about Dedalus as a character, instead of that offhand comment McGonagall made during the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone.

'I heard it. Flocks of owls… shooting stars… Well, they're not completely stupid. They were bound to notice something. Shooting stars down in Kent — I'll bet that was Dedalus Diggle. He never had much sense.'

I'm probably a total sap for liking this so much, but it was really well thought out. Dedalus Diggle is just that character you read about once or twice in the actual Harry Potter books and never think twice about.

Jun 5, 2011

PIG SKIN! EW! + More Harry Potter

I must say, I wasn't anticipating a sudden all-nighter for my person. But I'd made plans yesterday and I intended to fill them, even if I had to stay up the rest of the night because of lack of alarm clock. Going to Queensland next week leaves less room to visit dad. While we don't really use our regular visiting schedule anymore, I'm not just gonna leave him hanging like that. Maybe I should find some really nice souvenirs..

Anyway, went to dad's work place in a daze, obviously, from lack of sleep. It was quiet again. To be expected when there's only 2-3 customers a day. It was great though. I spent most of my time reading, trying to finally finish off Order of the Phoenix (on 4th last chapter!). Unfortunately, I did end up falling asleep on one of the round guest seats for like.. 3 hours. It's quite amazing I actually managed to sleep curled up in it, and those chairs are tiny!

Here's some last minute photos I took of dad's friend's progress he made today (he's only learning):

HOLY MOTHER OF G-- + Art Dump 3

Well then, isn't this unexpected? I honestly can't remember where I went wrong here. I just stopped updating one day. Here's a quick rundown on what happened during that time I've been MIA (if I can even remember an appropriate timeline):

-My computer contracted a few nasty viruses (luckily didn't lose anything), so I had to move onto mom's computer for month or so.
-Spent that time reading a shitload of Harry Potter fanfiction. Trust me. I can spend days just reading fics.
-Chari gets into a cat fight and loses part of her tail. We had to take her to the vet to mend up the bone that sticking out D'x
-Mom FINALLY came home from her loooooong trip, so I moved back onto my own computer that D was kind enough to fix up to the best of his abilities.
-Lately mother's been talking about going back over to Queensland for another trip. And this time I'm going with her, as well as maybe J.

That's.. actually a much shorter list than what I had in mind. It was a long few months, after all, and I didn't just screw around during that time xD; (Or I did..)

Anyway! Yes, I'm going to Queensland for a trip! How exciting! We'll be leaving on the 11th, and I'll be there for around 2 weeks. Mom might be staying there longer again =3=);; -I'm ecstatic, definitely. This will be the first time in 14 years I've been outside of Tasmania. FOR SHAME. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and buy heaps of junk while I'm there. Though it's still Australia, so I don't know what to expect.

I guess I'll conclude this.. "diary" portion of the entry and move onto art stuffs now! ^u^)d

Mar 28, 2011

Okay, okay..

So it's been almost a week since my last entry, and I admit I've been slacking. I really try not to. I've managed to open the 'Create Post' page once or twice the past couple of days.

But enough of that. I'm only really posting now because mom caught me on MSN, and we're chatting right now. Apparently she won't be coming home at the original date because of some technicalities. Now I understand in movies where kids make those over-dramatized faces when their father goes back on his word about being allowed a day off from work to hang out with them.

I didn't think it was possible for me to feel this disappointed. I mean, sure, I've been disappointed plenty of times in the past. But it's currently late at night and my mind tends to wander and over-think these things. To be honest, I'm more upset than disappointed. This just means more time we have to wait to see our mother again. We've never been a whole month+ apart before, even though I'm technically an adult already.

Anyway, I'll get over it. I made myself coffee a minute ago to drown out my sorrows (lol). Here's a short art spam because I couldn't possibly remember all the other things I planned to talk about in the past week:

Mar 23, 2011


Been up all night once again, despite having later appointments to attend to.. *sigh*

Anyway, I just wanted to update for the sake of updating, since I haven't gotten around to doing it in almost a week. I don't have a lot of artwork to post, since I only got back home on Sunday evening and I've been spending the last couple of days catching up with things (reading fanfics). I do have a couple of sketches I can share though:

My new-ish OC, Alouette (Alou for genderbend)! New-ish, because I designed her a couple of weeks back, but I only managed to name her earlier today. Notice that I've once again created a pink and green themed OC? I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose. I just draw these babies out, and suddenly they're colored that way. FML.

But at least it's a female OC for once. When was the last time I created one of those, eh?

I wanted to post some appreciation photos of the package I got the other day, as well as some others I got during my two weeks at dad's. Instead I'll just post the link to my tumblr (last package only), which I've finally decide to start using again (albeit lamely): Follow Me ♥

Now that I've successfully typed up a decent length of entry, I'm gonna catch a nap before grandma comes over later to get me to pay some more bills =u=);; -I'll try update some more during the week!

Mar 17, 2011

Art Dump 2

I hate that I have a burst of inspiration while I don't have my own computer around. Here's what I drew using my dad's computer (I bet they'll look so weird back on my monitor):

Mar 15, 2011


Nothing gross. Just a quick entry. I'm at mom's right now, but I need to walk home to dad's soon before it gets dark out. If not, grandma, dad, and anyone else will hound me about responsibility and being careful about walking home at night. As if I haven't walked home at night before?

WIP of something I was sketching while sitting here and catching up with things. This is my idea/version of Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter.

I'll try update again during the week if I can. Later!

Mar 9, 2011

Sweat makes you GAY!

So yesterday evening, my brothers, our friend, and I were just chillin' in the living room at dad's place. Suddenly, a conversation that went something like this took place:

D: Ugh, I'm all sweaty down my back! *takes off jacket*
J: Doesn't sweat make you feel.. gay?
Me: What? Sweat? Gay?
J: Yeah.
D: Ugh, I'm so sweaty that I have the sudden urge to touch men!

I don't remember it word for word, but that was the gist of it. I couldn't look my brothers in the eye afterward, I was laughing too hard! xD

Just a quick update. I'm at home right now for my daily visit/check on the house. We were having some trouble with the keys yesterday, so when I arrived today and found the door as good as locked, I was so relieved. -It's also garbage day today, so I had to make sure our bin was full before the truck drove by.

Sorry for the short entry. I don't have enough time to draw something with my tablet, so have an old shota Harry sketch I'm pretty sure I have yet to post anywhere:

Mar 7, 2011

Heavy Eyes

Uuurrghhhhaa! That's the sound I make when I haven't had any sleep and persist on staying up longer because of later appointments. My grandma is coming over at 2PM to take me to pay bills (wtf), and at 4:20PM I need to take Chari to the vet to get her stitches out. After that we're going to dad's, so.. Yay! Big day!

You're probably thinking: "Man, this bonerfag is such a loser for staying up all night when they obviously had something planned for the next day." And my response to that will be: "Yeah.. Yeah, I know."

Actually, my main reason for staying up is because I was watching Junjou Romantica season 2, after having re-watched season 1 the day before. Another reason would be my cats taking over my bed.. B-but I'll stick to the watching yaoi story. Because it's just a little less pitiful than losing my bed to some cats! Ahaha~!;; 

It's already almost afternoon here, so I don't want to risk catching a quick nap. I should really start packing the things I'll be taking over to dad's place, as well as the cats. (Those cute little bastards!)

Mar 5, 2011


Holy fuckity fucking fuck. I can't believe this. I've had SAI open all day in anticipation for epic drawing time, but I've hardly drawn a thing! The same could be said for last night as well (even though I was tired). I just end up drawing circles and eyes, hoping it'll turn into something.

I did end up drawing a thing or two. But when compared to the wasted hours of empty canvas, it isn't really worth it. I don't feel proud of myself at all for finally breaking through the block =A=;

[Drew Bulma earlier in the day (I ♥ Bulma). I thought drawing a woman would help me overcome the block. Unfortunately, after I finished it, I lost it again.

Fuuu-- I need to work on my girls, too. I don't think I give them enough curves.. And their faces are too baby-ish. HOW DOES ONE DRAW MATURE WOMENZ?]

[Something I'm relatively proud of, but disappointed with at the same time because: a) I drew it too small small, b) I didn't put effort into coloring, and c) I only finished in half an hour ago, so I drew this just before tiredness was setting in and I'd be done drawing.

But it's still AtoHiyo and I don't draw them enough as it is. I've certainly never drawn poses like these, so I'll let it slide ♥]

Mar 3, 2011

Work With Dad

Yesterday I went out of my way to go visit my dad whom I haven't seen in a while. And by visit, I mean I went to work with him at a tattoo parlor!

It was good to see him again, and I had fun even if I mostly just sat around on the waiting chairs for most of it, knitting and drawing. Dad started work at around 10AM, and we didn't get home until around 6PM, so A LOT of knitting was involved.

I didn't take any photos of the actual tattoo room itself, or of any customers getting them done. But I did take some photos of the front room, where they have the front desk, waiting chairs, as well as a TV where I watched 'The Fairies':

My dad (bottom right) painted almost everything in the shop. He'd been working on it for months with a partner, who I think actually backed out partway (what a chump). It looks amazing and surreal from both the inside and out.

While it was boring just sitting around for 8 hours, I did have a little fun, and might be willing to do it again if it meant hanging out with dad ♥

Mar 1, 2011
@nie: I hope it gets fixed soon bro. Our chats are so delayed lately ;3; -And YES. Update your blog forever ♥

Mar 1, 2011

Coffee At Midnight

I'm beginning to wonder how often I've mentioned coffee, and midnight, on my blog. It's definitely a topic I bring up on my private twitter quite often, mostly to complain about how much coffee doesn't have any energizing effects. Maybe I need to make some kind of coffee schedule, since I've never actually had coffee consistently. Sometimes I have it every day in the morning for a week, but then the next week I'll only have it two days and at midnight. I only really have it when I can be bothered to get up and make it xD

Feb 25, 2011

Chari Woes

I just brought Chari home from the vet. A little late for her spay, as we kept holding it off (I'm terrible sorry for it, too). She's a little weary of her surroundings because of the drugs, and right now she's just sort of standing by my door. I'm keeping her in my room tonight since she's not allowed to eat or drink, and I don't want BG or Tubbs around her. I also have to keep a watchful eye on her, too. There's so much to look out for. I'm a little scared of watching her on my own.

For one thing, she has stitches. She's not allowed to jostle them for about 14 days, so that means no strenuous activities. She's also not allowed to lick or bite them, which I'm worried most about. I could keep her locked in my room to avoid the jostling, but keeping her from licking.. Hopefully we'll get through this by March 7th, which is the date I'm set to go back to get her stitches out.

Charity looks a-ok for now, which I'm grateful for. I now have her spayed and microchipped. Hopefully she'll understand she's back at home soon and try to get some rest, or at least lie down. I don't like seeing her standing in one place (she's still in the same spot!).

That's all for now. I just wanted to type this down to hopefully ease my mind a little bit (assurance that she'll be fine). I'm terribly anxious right now.

[EDIT/Feb 27]: I just wanted to update this entry with some photos of Chari's vet forms, as well as a photo of Chari herself to show that she's perfectly fine! The first night was rocky, but once the drugs wore off, she was able to take care of herself on her own. I'm still not letting her outside, though:

Feb 24, 2011

Persona TREE

Bask in my silly genius, guys! :D

Quick entry before I decide to go into "work" (which is codeword for either drawing, or fucking around on FF.Net) mode. I'm feeling a little artsy this afternoon. Hopefully I can do better than a doodle of Minato tree and Ryoji bird.

Actually, the real reason for Persona being in the title is because I got the rest of Nie's P3 doujins in the mail this morning (as well as the sequel to the ego doujin I was after). They're all RyojixMinato from what I can tell, or from what the summaries stated:

Feb 23, 2011

Too Early to be Late

Late update is late. I ended up finishing Dragon Ball the other day and have started on Dragon Ball Z again. It was a lot more fun watching DB though, because I've seen DBZ so many times already. I think I might just put DBZ on hold for a while and re-watch DB from the beginning. Gotta love the innocence (even though it's often quite perverse).

It's just over 5AM. I'm pulling a late nighter again =3=);; At least I'm feeling productive. Have some drawings:

Feb 19, 2011

Goku Hit Puberty!

I've finally almost completed watching the original Dragon Ball series. I only have a few more episodes to go of the last saga, Piccolo Jr. I feel like I'm in grade 5 again, getting all excited over some buff shounen anime. I remember before then I absolutely hated seeing DBZ on TV, especially at my grandparents' place where it was terribly boring and there weren't any other cartoons available. My brothers liked watching it, of course.

Gosh, I can't even remember when I started to like it. Now I can't help but prefer shounen anime/manga over shoujo. Who needs girly romance when you can have buff sweaty men battling it out with never-ending bosses. Care for a training arc?

Haha~ But at least I thought to draw while watching, so my day wasn't completely wasted (though I did go out earlier):

Feb 14, 2011


Hey bros, check out what's in my town!:

Yes, this is most definitely real. I found out about it a couple of months back now, but I never got the chance to take a photo of it. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. Noni-B. Imagine that! It has both my casual nickname 'Noni', and the B obviously stands for my other nickname 'Boner'! xD

Okay enough of that. Have some random drawings while I'm slave-driving to finish this V-Day picture on time:

Feb 13, 2011

Incomplete Reading

..is a CURSE! Fanfics, manga, or webcomics. Anything incomplete will just eat at my nerves afterward. I always manage to get myself caught up with a good story, only to find out it hasn't been updated in 2-3 years. And just now I caught up with a manga I like, and I'm not even sure if a sequel is out yet or not. So frustrating!

Well, anyway. No need to get depressed over it (even though I totally am!). Meet my new OC, Daimon:

[He's really quite plain. I wasn't really thinking when I drew him. He just appeared out of nowhere. And I seriously have something for pink and green themes. The last OC I made (that I can think of) was Adair, and he fancies a pink and green theme as well. I need to expand more on the rainbow.

Anywho, this is Daimon. He's a prince, and he's 13. I haven't thought much on his story. I just wanted to draw a strawberry-blond boy, and I liked his design enough to make him an OC to make use of. His crown and cape in particular are based off either a pumpkin, or a tangerine. LOL.]

Feb 10, 2011

Doujin Party

Yo. I was meant to update again last night with this entry, but I kept getting distracted by the folks over at darazu (they're a great crowd!). I was awake chatting with them until around 9AM, and I've only had 5 hours of sleep (needed cat food so I got my mom to wake up me up so we could go to the grocery store). I'm still pretty tired, though.

Anyway! Yesterday I got my doujins I purchased from K-BOOKS a couple of weeks back, and I figured this was the perfect chance to test out my new camera! (At least for photos I'm willing to share..) I also have some old photos I took with the famcam of some other doujins I got last.. month? Well, whatever. K-BOOKS first:

Feb 9, 2011

Sob + Yay + FFFFFFFUU--

I seriously need to set some priorities straight concerning my blog. My supposed 'everyday' blog. I only posted once last month- that is unacceptable! I think I'll just have to force myself to post every day for the next week to make sure I gain some sort of regular schedule going on. We'll see how that goes.

But other than that, my new obsession of Harry Potter is killing me. I'm lacking sleep (I get to bed at around 5-6AM?) because of fanfic reading, how pathetic is that? I don't think I ever felt this obsessed with HP the first few times I was into it. I think my fangirl-ing has reached its peak this time. It's almost like the time I was into KakaNaru. I'd be refreshing FF.Net 8-9-100 times a day or so.

I kind of wish my drive to read fanfics was the same as with reading novels. I'd probably be decent as a person if I just read more while in school.

On an upside to my terrible non-update-ness, I HAVE been drawing (somewhat). Not a lot, since I keep getting myself distracted. But enough to assure myself I haven't got any blocks from my lack of picking up my tablet/pen. It cheers me up to know I can just pick it up again whenever I feel like it. I was worried that my lack of motivation to draw lately was because of some sort of block. I guess I'm just lazy P:

So, uh.. Here's some SAI and drawr stuff that I drew in the past week, just because:

Jan 18, 2011

Art Dump

I am just so mad at my lack of updates right now that the only thing I can think of to post is artwork. HAVE SOME SPAM: