Jul 27, 2011


Gosh, it's already nearing the end of the month. I really need to find some way to keep myself active here. I like keeping an active blog. I don't really count my tumblr as a blog, but I've been more active there lately, so if anyone's interested, you can add me here! ♥ It's mostly Harry Potter themed, though. I've even been thinking of changing this blog so it's Harry Potter themed as well..

I'm mostly over BG's death now. To be honest, I was letting my imagination run wild those first couple of days, thinking of how the accident happened. I'd like to think BG died quite instantaneously, even though the lady said she'd taken him to the vet. -I think the one thing that upset me the most about BG dying is that he had to have been on his way home when he got hit. The way the lady explained how it happened, he was crossing the street back to our house. I cried so hard when I realized that.

But I'm definitely okay now. I haven't even cried when thinking about him. I've only been thinking of the good memories, which really does help one cope. One of the other reasons I've coped as well as I have is that my brother's cat, Tubby (BG's sister), has become rather clingy with me as of late. I used to find her so annoying because she wasn't mine and she'd come to me to feed her (not that my brothers do a good job of feeding the cats regardless), but I can't find it in my heart to turn her away now. She's been sleeping at the end of my bed, and cuddling in my lap when I'm sitting here on my computer chair..

I like to think that she misses BG as well (which I cried about at first), so the two of us have become companions of sorts. I actually love that she comes to me for cuddles, because Chari loves to sleep in J room and doesn't hang out with me as much anymore ;3; Stupid bitch, lol.

On completely different note, it's my brother's birthday in 2 days. He'll be turning 23. Christ! When I think of how old he is, it reminds me of how old I'm getting myself. That just makes me depressed TT^TT;;

I'll try to update again (false promises) this week sometime. Blog title because I'm reading a Harry Potter fic where Sirius is just so childish and makes the best comments! xD ♥

Jul 20, 2011

R.I.P. BG (Big Green)

R.I.P.  BG (Big Green)
02/11/10 - 19/07/11

You’ll always be my little Bee
my Biege, my B-Boy, my Lady Bitch

Jul 14, 2011

My Life As Of 1AM

I just keep forgetting all about this place, don't I? I blame it all on Tumblr. It's so much more simpler to use when it comes to writing what's on your mind, instead of leaving it until a few days later like I tend to do here =3=);;

So Deathly Hallows Part 2 is out at the cinema here. I'm going to see it, definitely, but I'm not sure when. I don't know if I'm going as group with my dad, brothers, etc. Or if we're waiting until mom comes back from Queensland to watch it again. I actually want to go see it myself on Friday perhaps. I've never been to the cinema on my own before, it'll be like a new experience!

Alright, so I've been slow in the drawing department yet again (I was at dad's for almost a week, so I only had pencil and paper). Here's a quick Harry Potter art dump:

Jul 3, 2011

Pink Toothbrush

Fanart of Lucifer and Chamuel from this deviation that I'm doing on drawr. I swear, even though they're chibis, they have so much personality. Lucifer looks so damn appealing. And Chamuel is just adorbz! I had to draw the two of them together.

I don't know if anyone's really noticed since I don't really post my attempts, but I've been drawing more couples lately. Mostly in this type of 'embracing' pose. I really love softcore fluffy moments.

I'm back at home from Queensland, by the way. Technically, I've been back at home since last Tuesday. But it seems I've forgotten to update in all the excitement. I can't believe it's July already. I didn't even realize until I saw it was the 2nd yesterday. But I can blame that on the fact I pulled an all nighter the day before, so my body clock is a bit on the fritz.

In fact, it's currently 4AM already. I'm heading to bed now. I just wanted to get this update over with (I'll try update again very soon-ish!) since I promised my waifu yesterday that I'd post ♥

P.S. My toothbrush is pink.