Oct 4, 2010


I forgot to update last night and the day before! v.v;; -Oh well. Just updating now before I go to bed (it's 7:30AM holyshi-). I've been up all night sketching/drawing, though, so it was worth it xD!

I networked in Open Canvas with my waifu:

[Not my best Shin drawing..]

[Some random Snarry xD; This is sort of a guilty shipping of mine.]

Today is October 4th.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATOBE KEIGO~!! \( ^u^ )/ ♥♥

Haha~ I don't often celebrate an anime character's birthday (I usually forget). But I noticed some fanart on Pixiv celebrating it and I just had to draw him ;3;;

The title of this entry is actually after a song from one of Atobe's (many) character albums. I don't actually know what the song is about, but I'm going to guess he's not singing about how his birthday is in October LOL.

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