Oct 31, 2010

Wouldn't Turn Out Right

ARGH! I haven't updated my blog in so long! I'm so sorry for the neglect, bloggy! (/;A;)/~

Not much new to update, however. I haven't done much this past week, and it's already Sunday here. *sigh* I really need to start looking for work soon, too. I'm hoping I can get a job around four-ways (name for a little shopping district nearby), so I can just walk to work. My brother apparently got offered a job at Coles (supermarket) just the other day, and I really don't want to lose to him. But I don't do well in public either, so I don't know what to do about it.. OTL;;

Ah, what else..? Um.. Oh! I opened commissions again recently! Here are some examples I've done so far (no one has actually commissioned me yet lol ;3;):

I'm not in much of a rush with these, though. They're so easy to draw, I think I may keep commissions in this style open for quite a while. Hopefully more people will be interested later o3o)d

Yeah.. I really have nothing to talk about. I have absolutely no life, whatsoever! xD; -Title is a lyric from the song 'Reminiscing by Little River Band'. Watched 'The Other Guys' the other day, and this song was featured quite a lot. So hilarious xD

Oct 26, 2010

Bleach Marathon!

I had one today xD I had the whole Soul Society arc (my favorite one!) just playing in the background while I did my own thing. I did open the window every now and then to see Ichigo being badass, though!

Anyway, I just wanted to update before I went to bed toni-this morning. I forgot to update yesterday after I came home from dad's. But at least I have art/sketches to post with my entry! ;3; ♥

Brief from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! He's such a cutie. I'm glad he's getting more and more fanart each day over at Pixiv~

[Quick sketch drawn in a mix between P&S and Bleedman's art style.. *shiver* I actually used to kind of draw like this when I was younger. Power Puff Girls is too influential..?]

[I managed to get the chance to Hamachi network with my waifu yesterday (Mon for me, Sun for her)! Even if it was short ;u; -Sketch of waifu's adorable OCs ♥♥]

[Some ByaHana I finished drawing just a while ago. I pair these two, but I've never actually drawn a proper illustration of them. I wouldn't exactly call this "proper", but at least it's not an awful pencil sketch just scribbled on some line paper.. xD;; -Hanatarou ♥]

I better start thinking up some Halloween illustration ideas, ne..

Oct 22, 2010


I'm going to my dad's today. I'm not very happy about it this week because everything is just.. all wrong. And I really want to hurt somebody. First my older bro keeps hanging out in my room, my mom owes me money (not seriously bad, but when I need it, it'll be a hassle), and my younger bro is asking me for things, which is pissing me off necessarily. And to top it off, my cat's pregnant and I don't know when to expect her kittens! -I don't like feeling pissed off. But it's that time of the month, so whatev.. I'll get over it.

When I get back from dad's, the first thing I'm going to do is just shut everything out and draw. Maybe. Okay, maybe I'll sign into MSN.. *cries a little*

Anyway, here's a screenshot of my male tamagotchi, whose name is Lamp (lol title), in TamaTown when I signed in earlier:

So much cuter than my female 'gotchi ♥

[EDIT]: Oh gosh, I remembered what I wanted to say yesterday and the day before. A few entries back I mentioned offhandedly that a package I was waiting for might've been lost. GOOD NEWS! It actually arrived the other day. I'm so glad I didn't waste that money ;A;

Remember to never go with SAL shipping methods omg what a scare;;

Pokémon Movie Marathon

Technically it's not a marathon, since I've sort of been putting random movies on rather than have them play in order. My bro is also hanging out in my room again. He's been doing that lately, and while it's nice and all, he tends to over-stay his welcome OTL;; -He didn't leave until 3AM WTF.

Anyway, just making my daily post. I wanted to say something more, but as soon as I opened up blogspot I completely forgot ;3;

[Fanart of Tory from the 7th movie, Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys. I don't really like the later films of pokemon (I miss MISTY ;A;), but I'll make an exception, just for this cutie ♥]

[Random sitting portrait.. I suck. (Not a girl btw.)]

Oct 20, 2010

Tamagotchi Time!

The other day on twitter, a friend of mine mentioned something about Tamagotchi. Usually I would ignore such things since I haven't been very interested in Tamagotchi for years now, but in this case I let myself be curious since said friend was comparing Fudou (Inazuma Eleven) to a Tamagotchi character (which is weird because 'gotchi characters didn't have emotions from what I understood). Boy was I WRONG.

I started browsing the Tamagotchi wiki that my friend linked, and I just got absorbed at looking at all the little characters (there are so many!) and reading their profiles and who they're related to and what not. And some of them had the most cutest designs! I even watched the anime on Youtube, and after that I was hooked. I had badly wanted to buy a Tamagotchi since. A day later I went shopping:

I'm so glad I even found them! While we were at the mall yesterday my bro suggested I try Toy World and I was like WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT because I was planning to go to our local Kmart (I wasn't sure if they'd have them). But Toy World definitely would! (With a name like that, why wouldn't they have them?)

And boy was I pleasantly surprised after I searched the whole store to find they were on SALE for $6.99! Way cheaper than what I could have bought them at! -So far I've only opened the orange one. I don't know if I could handle working all three at once, haha;;

I've even already gone and drawn fanart for Tamagotchi already (how lame am I?):

Tamagotchi males that I particularly liked the designs of ♥

From left to right: KuroMamechi, Kuro' and Mamechi, Kizatchi, and Togetchi. I think it's obvious I now have a mohawk fetish xD;

Oct 18, 2010


It's been so long since my last update! *despair* I can't believe I've just left it until now. I'm so ashamed. I haven't been productive at all the past week, and it's already Monday morning here OTL;;

I'm going to try and motivate myself starting today! >A<)9" -But for now, I'm going to head to bed. It's 2AM here, and I'm glad I'm actually tired at this time for once. I've been trying to fix my body clock for weeks!

Oct 13, 2010

Interlude 2

Sorry I haven't been updating the past couple of days. Our internet was capped for a day or so. And before than I just had nothing much to say.. But now I do! Well, it's more of an emo rant.

So I got a note on deviantART today.. I won't relay it here, but it was just very upsetting to me and now I feel like the biggest loser ever. It really makes me want to look down on myself, point, and laugh. I guess I could do that to a mirror, but I'm just so grossed out I can't even look at my own reflection.

I know I'll get over it later. I always do with these sort of things. I might even end up not caring about the issue at hand, too. But for now I wish there was a thunderstorm outside so I could just run out there and jump in every puddle I find! Boy, that would feel so great right about now..

Also, just now another light died on my heater. This is just not my day.

Anyway, enough of that! Have some random stuff I drew last night (lolwut):

[Random pokemon gijinka.. I forgot which pokemon it is lol.]

[Weirdest crossover ever. My bro was actually hanging around in my room until early this morning (we were up all night), so we were just chatting while I was drawing crap, and he brought up this random crossover.. He calls it 'DigiNote', can you believe that? xD;; -I couldn't draw Ryuuku worth shit, so I drew an apple with devil wings and feet (looks like one of those small digimon lol).]

I drew more.. but I kind of don't want to post them now;; So here's a pic of my cat!:


Oct 9, 2010

Reading Japanese

Had a bit of a derp moment today. Found out I FORGOT to pack my Japanese language learning book OTL;; I always seem to forget to pack something whenever I go to dad's. Usually it's the one thing that I need to relieve my boredom.

But it's okay! I brought along the Prince of Tennis doujin I showed off last time so that I could finally look through it properly (last time I only flipped through it quickly without trying to discern what was even happening). I've actually made an effort to try and read it, or at least read all the hiragana and katakana. I've even recognized a few kanji used. I might not understand what's happening, but it feels good to be able to read and understand at least a few words! >u<

Anyway.. I just wanted to say that. No art to post this time (gasp!), but I'll be coming home tomorrow and I'll need to finish waifu's Birthday present and then start on Nie's. -Catch ya'll (who even reads this? LMAO) later!

Oct 8, 2010

I need to learn Japanese..

I've been meaning to learn since forever! But sometimes I just get bored of trying to learn the different sentence structures or how to discern kanji OTL;; I really need to put my head into learning if I ever want to understand all the Japanese sites/blogs that I visit.

Actually, the other day I found another Kaioshin fan on twitter! She (I'm going to guess that they're female;;) goes by the username 'ukai08', and she's very nice! She even followed me back and tried to talk to me in English; it was so cute! ;u;; -I also found a Shin bot, so there's another reason to learn Japanese. I'd like to understand what they're saying D'x

I'm at my dad's right now. I couldn't be bothered carrying all of my Japanese learning folders over, but I did bring one book I own. I don't know how helpful it'll be. I've never actually read through the thing, so I'll give it a shot and see how that goes. I think I might need to go over my kana again, because I haven't been practicing it since I learnt the characters.

Here's a chibi (omg I think I'm drawing too many chibis lately, I'm so lazy!):

I'm using this as my ID on my y!Gallery profile. Unfortunately, y!Gallery can't seem to read the transparency, so it has an ugly black BG ;3; Ah well~ ♥

Oct 7, 2010


I really need to prioritize myself and stop going to bed so LATE. I'm feeling disorientated every afternoon/evening I wake up. Today, I even woke up at 4:30PM. WHAT IS THAT!? *sobs in corner* -Not only that, but I really need to get more work done. Procrastinating is putting me in a bad position right now OTL;;

Some quick TM commission bust shots (very simply drawn). The first one is only an example. I've only had one commissioner so far. But only because my older brother gifted me like half of the items I was looking for, haha;;; That jerk.

Sketch of GabuxMei in non-chibi gijinka form.

Quick lineart work. This was only to neaten it out/fix their poses. I'll resize and re-line it again after. -My Mei looks so girly ;A; I tried hard to make him at least a little boy-ish.

Uwahh. I think one of my packages have gone missing. The person I bought from apparently sent it weeks ago ;A; This is a shame. I've never had a package get lost before.

Oct 6, 2010

Arashi no Yoru ni

Most adorable animated film about animals ever. I recommend it to anyone who feels like watching a heartwarming love friendship story about a wolf and a goat ♥

Watched the film only earlier, even though I'd heard about it months ago from a couple of friends. I forgot what brought it up again to make me suddenly download/watch it, but I'm glad I finally got the chance to see it. Gabu and Mei have the be the most adorable pair ever:

Drawn in my old "lazy"chibi style because I'm too tired to draw them any other way xD; Boy, I haven't used it in so long!

Oct 4, 2010


I forgot to update last night and the day before! v.v;; -Oh well. Just updating now before I go to bed (it's 7:30AM holyshi-). I've been up all night sketching/drawing, though, so it was worth it xD!

I networked in Open Canvas with my waifu:

[Not my best Shin drawing..]

[Some random Snarry xD; This is sort of a guilty shipping of mine.]

Today is October 4th.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATOBE KEIGO~!! \( ^u^ )/ ♥♥

Haha~ I don't often celebrate an anime character's birthday (I usually forget). But I noticed some fanart on Pixiv celebrating it and I just had to draw him ;3;;

The title of this entry is actually after a song from one of Atobe's (many) character albums. I don't actually know what the song is about, but I'm going to guess he's not singing about how his birthday is in October LOL.

Oct 2, 2010

Walk on the Edge

Spent the last hour or so just sitting in front of my heater thinking about stuff. Ugh. I hate thinking.

Anyway! Earlier I was actually pchatting =u= I don't do it too often (it's too hard to draw there). But I was frustrated with drawing in SAI, so I decided to give it a shot:


[I will never get sick of drawing Hiyo-piyo >u<]

[Had so much fun drawing these two! But I still need to learn how to draw Kibito better.. OTL;;]

[Ki-chan requested me to draw nekkid Sasuke. Unfortunately, I didn't think to go into the adult pchat room beforehand. So I had to put clothes on him xD! 

He looks a little too manly here.. He makes me think of his dad (with the little shadow to the left of his lip), Fugaku.]

[Um.. Yeah. Totally random. This is for my brother. Who has some sort of.. story.. idea.. thing.. (they're not paired though, don't worry) xD;;]

Once again, I'm using a song title. 'Walk on the Edge', sung by Yamato/Matt from Digimon Adventure >u<)d

Oct 1, 2010


It's October now (2:30AM here). I don't know how I should feel about that. On one hand it feels like the month went by way too fast for my liking. On the other hand, I've made it through another month. I have a new month open up for.. whatever xD;;

I was hoping I'd finish my IZMK doujin by the end of last month, but other/newer projects were distracting. I don't have much planned for this month, so I hope I can get through some of them. -Waifu's birthday is on the 7th. Then on the 10th, it's Nie's birthday. Hmm..

Anyway, here's something I drew earlier (haven't been drawing much;;):