Sep 30, 2010


Listening to the original Japanese Medarotto (Medabots) opening theme xD!

Haven't been drawing the past couple of days. Been mostly reading the KibiShin fanfics (the current fic I'm reading is very long!) that I manage to find. So that's been keeping me busy. -I'm thinking about staying up late tonight, maybe to finish up some things..

Anyway, for the past month or more I've become quite a fan of schmoyoho's funktastic auto-tune news/songs. Their latest remix 'SunnyD and Rum' got me inspired to draw some shoujo for odd some reason:

[Despite how much I hate drawing girls, I like how this turned out. Especially when I used the textures. I don't use them too often, and this just made me realize how useful they can be. I'll try using them more in my work.

Not sure if I like her color theme.. I wanted something bright and exciting, but this is all I could come up with. The one thing I decided on when I was drawing her was that she would have pink hair OTL]

Sep 28, 2010

Hot White Chocolate--

IS DELICIOUS! ♥ I might get mother to keep purchasing white chocolate powder. Or maybe find some other brands so I can try them out. It really is delicious on a cold day! *A*

Anyways! I said I'd update earlier today. However, I only woke up 4 or more hours ago, and I haven't exactly drawn anything in the time I've been awake.. *sigh* -But no problem! My package from jpqueen arrived while I was sleeping, so I figured I'd take some photos~

Very thick Prince of Tennis reprint doujin by Ryoji Hido. I know there's a first and second part I'm supposed to get before this one. To be honest, I only bought this because it's Prince of Tennis and the cover looked interesting. I might bother to buy the other books another time, even though I don't understand what's going on in them xD;

Back cover. Sorry it's blurry!

Here's one scene in the doujin I found particularly funny. Akazawa wanted to catch some fish, but they're all on a cliff and the waves down below were really rough (plus there's sharks). But Akazawa went anyway, and jumped right in with a SPEAR. Everyone was freaking out, and when they couldn't see him below the cliff, so everyone assumed the worse (event Atobe and Oshitari were crying!). But then he appeared soon after with a freaking shark draped over his shoulder. He then gets punched by Mizuki because Mizuki was the most worried (I think they're paired in this.. haha).

Some Prince of Tennis little accessories tin cases. Jpqueen was only selling a couple of these and I figured I may as well buy them while they were still there. Unfortunately I think all of them are Rikkai-based.

I'm not really sure whose is which since there wasn't any little sheet of paper that showed what kind of accessories were available, but I'm going to guess this is Kirihara's. You can't tell since the photo is blurry, but it says 'DEVIL' on it, along with a picture of a devil wing and tail. 

This one was the most confusing. I can't even read what it says. But on the back I think it says 'Sanada', so I'm just.. I'm just going to believe that it's Sanada's. And his accessory is SO LAME.

And here is one I bought at another time. This one is Niou's, and it says 'Illusion' along the front (most blurry photo of them all! LOL). I'm actually thinking of giving these away as prizes for a future Prince of Tennis contest (since I'm president of the PoT club on MB). -I might keep Kirihara's though. His is cute xD

This is just a random photo I took of my adorable USB xD; The USB can be placed into the bear's head. I don't usually take the bear around with me when I'm using it. -The little man in the front is just a phonestrap that I attached to it. 

[EDIT]: PFFT. I didn't realize the doujin had a glittery cover until I was looking at the photo LOL! *loser*

Sep 27, 2010

Omacha no Cha-Cha-Cha!

So I got back from dad's earlier today. I've just been settling back in for the past few hours. It feels sooo nice to be using my own computer again!

Um, anyway. Not much to share today. I took a couple of pictures of some of the work I did (which isn't much, because I honestly don't want to show off my R-18 sketches OTL;;):

[I always say my traditionals are terrible. But that's only because I only sketch in my sketchpads and on paper. I never really draw anything that I can consider as 'neat'. This is actually my attempt at making a sketch look presentable. -If you zoom in, you can see my messy pencil lines xD;

Anyway. Drawing of Shin again. I only edited the brightness/contrast a little so that it would stand out better in the dull photo.]

[I meant it when I mentioned the R-18 sketches. I was really going all out with the whole KibiShin thing over the weekend. This here is a script of sorts for an R-18 doujin idea that I made up after looking at a few uke!Shin shots I drew that I thought would look interesting in doujin format. I'm such a perv, damn xP; -Hopefully you can't read my already tiny writing.]

The title is a song from the Prince of Tennis album 'Kikumaru Eiji ga Utau Douyou Mekyokushu - Family de Tanoshimo'. I was listening to it when I started typing out this entry, lol.

Sep 24, 2010


I'm at my dad's place right now (for the weekend). To those of you who know me personally, you know how it's like when I'm over here. I pretty much can't do anything besides lock myself in my room with some dvd/video I've seen more than once playing in the background as I attempt to draw traditionally.

But it's all well and good. I tend to draw a lot more when there's no internet around to distract me. I hope I can get started on a couple of future projects I have in mind..

I'm thinking of finding some of my old video tapes that my bros and I used to record DBZ onto (evenings on Toonami, 5 days a week!). I really want to rewatch and get back into DB/Z thanks to SOMEBODY (I'm looking at you, LavenderIce!). -Plus, I really want to see more Shin~ ♥

Here's a picture I spent all night working on (and off):

[Not much to say. KibiShin is officially my DBZ OTP~!

Shin: K-Kibito's..?! Uwah- It's quite big, isn't it.. ♥
(He's referring to the size~)

(I'd have this very same reaction if I saw Shin like that ^p^)]

I just wanted to make this update before I finally decide to crash (I've seriously had no sleep since yesterday. It's 7:30PM now). I probably won't update again until I come home on Sunday, so see you alll then! ^u^)/

Sep 23, 2010

TinierMe and DBZ

As I promised, I'm updating a little earlier today. I think I'm becoming obsessive compulsive with this updating thing xD;

Here's a few things I've drawn today:

[My current TM avatar. He pretty much wears all black aside from his white collar shirt, red tie, and his white shoes that you can't see. He also has a briefcase because he's a real estate agent xD
My brother asked me why I give random jobs to the avatars I create. I honestly don't know why, but when I see a man in a suit, things like that just pop into my head. Like a pimp, or a news broadcaster.. LOL.]

[Randomly started thinking about how Fudou and Supreme Kai Shin both have mohawks. Stupid reason really, since their personalities are nowhere near alike xD;; 
Shin was one of my favorite characters of DBZ back in the day ^u^ -Posted this mostly for LavenderIce ♥]

[Face of the day~ This is also one of my other TM avatars I like to change to quite often.]

Project: Face Forward

Damn. I REALLY need to stop doing that! I distracted myself from drawing again. And now it's 4AM in the morning! *sad* (I STILL need to finish that pirate drawing, too!)

Anyway, I just wanted to update before I crashed. I'll try to update earlier tomorrow or something to make up for lost time.

[Fanart of one of my uncle's OCs. I can see so many flaws in her overall visage. I actually tried to draw a little more mature here, but that failed on every account OTL;; -I wasn't originally going to post this, but Ki-chan insisted xD;]

About 'Project: Face Forward'. I've decided that I really need to start practicing drawing faces that actually face forward. I've found that I'm not very good at them; they always look a little wonky (especially when mirrored). So I'm going to start by drawing a face a day. I'll probably add them at the end of each entry or something.

Project START!:

[Not bad for my first. But I forced myself a little to draw it as neatly as possible. I hope I'll be able to draw them more naturally in the future.]

Sep 22, 2010


A bit of a random post, but I really wanted to get this off my chest.

What do you feel when you introduce one of your friends to another friend? Or when your group of friends just suddenly intertwine in with some of your other friends and you may or may not be the bridge that caused it? Well, either way, your friends meet, and they become friends. Doesn't it make you feel lonely?

Even though it's great that your friends meet each other at first, sooner or later you get this feeling, like you're being left out, even though you're really not (or you might be). I was just browsing on facebook, and one of my old friends posted this photo of herself with one of my other friends. I'm not close with either of them, and never was. But I specifically remember them from different friend groups, so seeing them together was a bit of a shock to me.

It makes me think to myself; when exactly did they become friends? Was it this other friend that introduced them together, or was it my own doing? How close are they? -Many questions just cross through my mind and I can't help but feel confused. Even if I wasn't close to either of them, and I really don't care them, about what they do, or who they meet..

I can't help but feel a little sad about it! It's very hard to explain.

Anyway, I'll get over it. I just wanted to type that feeling into words. Perhaps I can read over this again later and have a laugh about it xD;

Things I drew today (pretty much only one picture FFFF):

[KudoFudo ♥ Been meaning to draw these two for so long. They're absolutely adorable together! ^q^ -There's so much I could have done with this picture.. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't put any effort into making a BG. But the gray looked so nice with the picture, I couldn't help but keep it there.]

[Not really an illustration. This is just a Hiyo/Shroom themed BG for my pixiv (got tired of my old one). It's a little off center, but it doesn't look that bad =u=]

Sep 21, 2010

Hiroto ♥

Wanted to make a post that wasn't part of my art process tutorial =3=)/

Earlier I managed to finally watch episode 99-100 of Inazuma Eleven. Episode 99 was a little disappointing. Was honestly hoping for more action from it. Episode 100 on the other hand..

Okay, well. I expected a little more for episode 100 considering the series finally went into its triple digits. But I wasn't disappointed. Random funny episode featuring Hiroto and Kogure. And Kappa. -I'm beginning to see why Nie likes Hiroto so much. I haven't liked him that much since he first appeared, but I'm beginning to grow more fond of him. (And how could I resist that adorable Rolo voice?)

Kogure is so innocent ^p^ He really needs more screen time. I'd also like to know more about his past life. Did his mother really abandon him? And WHY? -Even though he's a bit of a brat, I'd love to have Kogure as my child ;3;;

[Hiroto ♥ I didn't mean to draw him looking so.. sensual. I just drew his usually droopy eyes, and this was the outcome OTL;; -Need to work on more lying down poses. He looks a bit awkward like that.]

Art Process / Tutorial - PART 2

A bit of a late update. I can't believe I distracted myself from drawing almost all of yesterday and today OTL;; I haven't even done much to the picture, yet. But it's getting there. WIPs:

6. Started coloring Inui's jacket (and hat). I'm doing a pretty half-assed job, and it's a little too dark for my tastes (I'll try edit it later). But I did my best to make the shades more sharper/darker so that the clothing looked at least a little realistic.

7. Close-up of his crotch! Close up of his pants. I looked up pirates in google, and I noticed that in most of the pirate captain images, they're wearing those adorable little booties with the buckle on the front, which is more accented with their 3/4 cut pants and bright white socks.

8. More coloring done. It was a little troublesome coloring the vest in after the coat. But I know it would have been more annoying to color around it had I colored the vest in first. -Reversed image. I like to be sure my images look alright when mirrored (so it's more balanced). I still can't draw a perfect mirror image, but I'm working on it. 

9. I actually should have done this before I started coloring, but usually when I'm using layers, I make sure to fill in the lineart first (so I can just lock the layer and then color without going out of the lines) with a bright color to have as a sort of base. I then lock the layer and then color from there. 

In the picture I started erasing the colors outside the lines, and I filled out any clear areas with the pink so I could lock the layer and finish coloring the rest of his coat. 

10. A zoom out of what I've done so far.

Not much of a tutorial anymore. I'll probably only have one more part to post after this. The rest will just be screenshots of my progress.

Sep 19, 2010

Art Process / Tutorial - PART 1

I was really only going to post up the process of how I do my art. But waifu asked me for a tutorial. I figured I'd just do it in one go. The program I'll be using is Paint Tool SAI:

1. First I draw the sketch. Some people prefer to draw their sketches in another color so it'll be easier to lineart after. But I find it easier if I draw in black. Plus, lowering the opacity of the sketch when you're done does the same job as a colored sketch would.

2. The lineart process. I'm only drawing this on a 1000x1000px canvas, by the way. I haven't resized it to a higher resolution for this (which is pretty stupid), because I was only planning for this to be a sketch. 

3. More lineart done. I changed Momo's arm so that he's pointing (I had so much trouble drawing it. Still doesn't look right, but whatever).

4. Coloring! This is where an actual tutorial comes in;; I'll just be writing brief explanations for those three examples there:
  1. I use the 'Pen' tool to both fill and shade color. You don't have to use the pen tool exactly, but it's more full, so that way you don't leave any lighter opacitied spots (in case you want to lock the layer at some point). 
  2. Using the 'Marker' tool, I eyedrop the darker color and lightly spread it around how I want.
  3. I do the same process again, but using the lighter color. That way it mixes together better. This also works with using the 'Brush' tool.
5. More coloring. You can't tell, but I'm only using one layer to color. Even though it's a bitch, it can be quite useful to use only one layer when using this style. Because at some point you'll go over the line, and manage to accidentally  mix the colors in a way that actually make the image look good.

Anywho. I'm still coloring right now. So I'll be back later to post the other parts.

[EDIT]: Waifu asked me what brush settings I use =u=

  • Pen tool I use for both lineart and filling color. For lineart I generally use 1.0 size, or 1.5. Depending on the resolution. In this case, I used 1.0, since I'm drawing in a low resolution.
  • Marker tool is for coloring. I've only started raping this tool recently, and it's a whole lot more fun than using the brush tool because of the sharp edge it tends to give (example here), even if I don't use the sharpen filter/effect afterwards.
  • Brush tool works like the Marker tool, but less sharp and more soft. Pretty much does the same thing.

Sitting Pose

I want to hurry and update before the day officially changes in the US timezone (is this US time?) xD; I feel a little silly thinking I can manage to update once every day, though;;

Anyway, I drew this today:

My precious waifu asked me to draw her Pokemon gijinka, Poochy (Poochyena), and Zigzag (Zigzagoon). Even though they're girls, I actually had some fun drawing/coloring them. I especially like how it turned out, considering. Lately my coloring style has been more on the lazy side. It's probably not that obvious, but I used to put so much more effort into my coloring. The coloring here was all in one layer.

Again with the sitting poses (last entry). It's good I'm getting more practice with them, instead of the usual awkward standing pose I draw often. I think I should practice sitting poses facing forward though. From the 3/4 view, it's a lot more easier to draw, feels like I'm cheating lol.

Sep 18, 2010

Full Body?

Late update today. Do you ever have that feeling where you want to draw, but you just CAN'T? I hate it so much. I doubt it's art block. I think I just lack the right motivation to get me going at the moment.

I've been forcing myself to draw more full bodies lately. I really need to work on my anatomy, and to keep it consistent. I tend to draw lanky-ish figures, or just too skinny. Have some sketches:

[Not a very good sketch of Naruto. One of my friends requested him with short sleeves and shorts (I only actually cropped his original clothing). This is all I came up with OTL;;]

[Latvia/Raivis. Don't ask me what he's wearing, because I don't even know, myself. I just wanted to draw some shota wearing shorts with stockings underneath. It might've looked better if he weren't wearing a turtleneck.. Then again, it does look a little like winter-wear.]

Sep 16, 2010

Pchat & Commission WIP

Was just chillin' in pchat a moment ago. I really can't motivate myself to draw there unless a friend is with me.. *sigh* I did manage to draw a full body picture (with very lame perspective):

[I really need to work on my perspectives and foreshortening sob.. -And whoa. I just realized that I haven't drawn a SHOTA in a while. As in, just a random shota, rather than fanart of characters that I shota-rize xD]

Also drew a couple of headshots, but I don't feel like wasting space here lol. -So here's the commission WIP instead:

And here's an edited version because I thought it looked cool:

[Edited by decreasing the color depth to 5 colors. I really love messing with the color depth lately.]


Wow, so like. New blog, eh? Somehow I just know I won't last long.. But I'm prepared for that! I've decided to make this into a sketch blog!

I'm surprised that I've never actually made a "sketch blog" before. Seems like a fun thing to do. Maybe my drive to want to update everyday will IN TURN make me draw everyday! :D

Anyway, not much to say in this first entry.. I'm bone-kun. Or you can call me boner, noni, bonpon, etc. Whatever you end up calling me, really. -I like to draw; boys mostly. I like reading fanfics. And I like cute things.

Think that's about it. I'll be sure to update my blog's presentation another time. Maybe add a header or something.

[Izaya patting the head of a young!Mikado. This is actually quite random now that I look at it. I don't even know where this idea came from.]