Dec 30, 2010

Interlude 5

Ugh.. I've really been meaning to update earlier than this, but I've been dreading writing up that christmas report I promised. Hell, even my birthday was a couple of days ago now, and I would have had to add that on, too. I'm not sure I even want to attempt it anymore. It really puts me off from opening up blogspot =A=;

Oh! However, on my birthday, mom took me out and we bought a printer/scanner! It's pretty neat, and actually prints way better than I thought it might. I originally just wanted a separate scanner, because I've always disliked those two-in-one printer-scanners (so bulky), and I was planning to buy a printer on a different occasion. I'm glad mom talked me into buying it.

Anyway, enough of that. Have some hot man I drew just now:

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas~! ♥

Quick update before I get ready to go to my grandmother's for lunch. I've been meaning to update for a few days now, but I never really found the time. And since it was near christmas, my brother has been using his laptop for his own things, I guess..

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone~! ♥ And Merry Christmas to those in a different timezone to myself. I hope you all have a good one, and stay safe! ♥

I'll try and update again when I go back home tomorrow (yay!). I've had a busy few days, so I want to type it down and at least have my memories written somewhere, y'know? See you all then!

Obligatory art post:

[First decent drawing of Oshitari from PoT.. He looks a tad girly xD;;]

Dec 21, 2010


Suddenly had the urge to update. It's almost 5AM and I've admittedly been awake all night, though I had a nap just after dinner. My mother just told me over MSN (she is SO hip!) that if it's sunny today, we'll go christmas shopping this afternoon instead of tomorrow. I don't know what to think about that. I'm not disappointed in the change of plans, but I'm not enthusastic either. I don't even have anything to buy in mind.

I'm currently doing what I usually do when I'm up late (excluding drawing since I'm using my brother's laptop) and reading fanfics and spouting nonsense on twitter when I see fit. I'm surprised I've been getting so into Harry Potter fanfiction lately, even those that aren't of the pairing variety. I recently found one author who writes lengthy Snarry fics that range from 30 to 40 chapters long. At least it's something to amuse me, I guess. No new anime to watch until later this week.

On another note, I've been sporting the idea of simply handing the kittens over to a shelter/adoption center. I know my brother and I decided we wanted to give the kittens to people we know and trust, but even if they were given to people we know, it's not like we can keep watch on them all the time anyway. It would be so much easier if we gave them away, to someone who would actually pay money for a pet (because who would pay for a pet, only to not look after it?). Though I will miss Tubby, Roman, and Snake Eyes terribly.

I've asked mom to bring my camera and charger over, so I can get as many pictures as I can before we give them away. If D doesn't find anyone before the end of this week, I'll be taking them to the adoption center by next Wednesday. While we're on the subject of next week, I'll have you guys know that my birthday will be on the Tuesday of that week (hence giving them away the day after my birthday, so that I can at least celebrate with them). I don't really celebrate it anymore, but I wouldn't mind some birthday wishes on the day ♥

Dec 19, 2010
@Crumitieblvd: Thank you very much! Those are my more wacky-looking chibis xD;

Dec 20, 2010

4 More Days Until Christmas

Or at least here in my timezone it will be. I wanted to update before then. Though I don't really have any art to share. I've gotten the chance to draw with my own computer, but it just doesn't feel the same over here at dad's. Plus, the kittens just keep getting in the way and I've had to build a sort of fortress around my computer and its cords. I also don't have a means of transfering files (I keep forgetting to ask D for his USB).

So, what to talk about.. Arrived here on Saturday and had to settle in. I had a lot of stuff to bring in as well as my cat's/kittens' necessities. I was in such a pissed mood once I was finished. Levi's (family friend) nephew and niece stayed the night. It bothered me a lot when my father decided to allow them into my room to see the kittens. I was even watching Arakawa Under the Bridge x2 at the time, so I had to pause it to keep an eye on them. No one bothers my Arakawa time (even if I do re-watch them in a playlist all the time).

Dec 18, 2010

I didn't eat dinner last night!

More like, I forgot to have dinner! Mother didn't cook anything, so it was a 'free for all' night. I guess it sort of slipped my mind, trying to finish off some projects, and stressing over going to dad's. We didn't end up going yesterday because of the heavy rain (which admittedly ended before the time we would've gone there), so we're going later today instead. I'm still worried about the kittens, and the horde of stuff I'll be packing to last me the week. -I'm just simply not prepared mentally for this! *sigh*

Well, whatever. I haven't seen dad in a while, so it'll be good to see him again. (I say this every time, don't I?) I just know something horrible will happen, though..

Obligatory image:

[Nameless uncle of Daisuke and Suzu. He becomes the chef for the Aoki (Naoto) household. He's a bit of an airhead though, and gets into many dangerous situations because of his carelessness xD

I don't draw this guy often (though he did appear in that 'Christmas Apron' 4koma sketch I posted a few entries back). I think this is my first time deciding on an actual face for him.

Now I need a name LOL.]

Anyway, I better get some shut eye, or dad will criticize me when I arrive there. I'll update again when I'm settled in (I'm taking my computer over, so I'd have to set it back up). 'Night! ♥

Dec 17, 2010

Interlude 4

Long time no update! =3=)/ I've been a little busy the past couple of days with some stuff, so I haven't really been drawing anything else. I have taken the chance to update my MangaBullet account, though. It's nice to be at least a little active at the community I love ♥

It's Friday today, and I'm not sure what we have planned, but it's the official Summer holidays here, so we'll be switching our every-second-weekend at dad's schedule to every-second-week. I honestly won't mind staying there weekly, because I can at least bring my computer over there without feeling foolish (my younger brother insists on bringing his computer there each weekend, which is stupid since it's only really a two night stay). It'll be annoying lugging my stuff around, though! xD

I'm mostly worried about what we're doing with Charity and the kittens. They're 6 and a half weeks old now, so by next week we'll be looking for possible owners (we had a few people in mind at the beginning, but we've found the kittens too precious to give them to such people) for them. However, I can't leave them at home alone with my mom, so we might have to take them to dad's, where there's already four other cats. I'd have to keep the kittens in my own room, where my computer will most likely be, so I'm dreading the idea of them playing with my computer cords! ;~;

Speaking of the kittens. I know it was already decided before we even got to know them that we'd be keeping Big Green, and Big Green alone. But when I look at all of those kittens sleeping together.. I think this is the first time I've felt hurt, personally, about giving them away. Before, when giving kittens away, I'd be more neutral about it because of how little we're at dad's. But these are the kittens I've had living in my bedroom with me since before they could even open their eyes.

I don't know. I know I don't want to keep them all, I have enough troubles with Charity alone. But I want the kittens to be safe, and loved, and I don't like the thought of their pitiful meows when they realize they're not with the others anymore. I told myself I wouldn't get attached, but I think I will really cry when we finally get around to giving one of them away. -We'll see what happens..

Anyway, I just wanted to update for the sake of updating. If we're going to dad's later today, I'll try and update when I can (I won't have internet access). Good night! ♥

Dec 13, 2010

Midnight Woes

So I woke up yesterday morning to feed my cat, and when I came back to bed I found out a kitten pissed on it. I had to clean all my sheets. They didn't know any better, though. So I wasn't too grumpy about it (even though I was worried that it might rain and that my blankets wouldn't dry fast enough).

I spent most of yesterday reading Harry Potter fanfics.. Sadly, I've been doing this the past couple of days. I honestly can't help myself when I find a good story. I especially love those time travel fics like I would with Naruto. There's just something about the main tragic hero (Naruto, Harry, etc) being able to go back and changing things that's highly appealing to me. I also love reading torture/angst fics xD

I've also been entertaining the idea of buying the Harry Potter novels and giving them a read just so I understand things fully. I've only ever watched the films, so it gets a bit annoying after seeing characters' names I don't know. Though I think I've learnt of a few characters by just reading them be introduced into the fanfics. I didn't even know Hogwarts had a librarian. Was she even in the films?

Dec 11, 2010

Kick in!

Damn you, coffee! Why won't you kick in?! I made you extra strong, too! (I should stop saying things that make me think up new innuendos.)

Lately I've been feeling tired earlier than usual. Granted it's actually 1AM right now, but I love staying up later than this. I get most of my inspiration/motivation late at night, so it's frustrating when I turn in for the night because I can't hold myself up anymore.

I'll see if I can stay up a little while longer, and if I can concentrate enough to actually draw something. Have something I drew earlier:

[EDIT]: I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've added a 'My Links' section on the side bar (a little near the bottom). So yeah. Feel free to stalk me at those places LOL.

Dec 9, 2010
@nie: I have? I didn't really notice. I know I've been using more browns and grays. Pinks have always been a part of my palette, though.

Dec 10, 2010

Bananananana~! ♥

 Most epic drink of all time! ♥

I didn't really want to update my blog today because I hardly have anything interesting to post. But I haven't done much of anything since I got home from grocery shopping this afternoon.. Not that typing up an entry makes up for inactivity, aha~ OTL;;

Um. So today I was forced to wake up by Charity's meows again, like she's been doing everyday for the past couple of weeks when she's hungry or wants to go outside. Not long after I got up, it was decided that I'd be going shopping with my mother, which pissed me off, like every other time it's "decided". It's like I have no choice in the matter (even though I do, but the way everyone says it makes it sound like I have to go!).

I was going to have a shower right away, but I started feeding the kittens some kitten food again (I want to help wean them to kitten food, since Chari is getting more edgy towards them lately). BG ate again, and this time Tubby joined him. Roman is still biting the plate, and Snake Eyes doesn't even try. Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day all the kittens will be eating it. -Note to self: Only feed them when Charity is out of the house. She is so annoying when she tries to eat their food after I JUST fed her.

After feeding them, I was going to head for the shower, but mom had gone before me. I decided to put more concentration into feeding the kittens, so I didn't notice when mom had finished or when D went in. But when I finally had the chance to use the bathroom, the water actually went COLD on me! That's never happened to me before! I was.. so pissed off. I was in the middle of washing my hair, too, so all the cold water was going along my back. I'm going to just ignore everyone tomorrow if I wake up with an ache.

I wish I knew how to vent my anger better IRL instead of typing out a rant on my blog *sigh* One day..

Dec 9, 2010

4koma, anyone?

Quick update before I go to bed (I only ever seem to update before going to sleep, wtf?). I had a nap earlier, but I guess it wasn't enough. I am so tired.

Anyway, a couple of years back I decided on creating a story about my OCs Naoto, Daisuke, and Suzu (can find them here, or scattered about here). At first I thought of maybe creating a manga/comic for them. But at the time I didn't want to think of anything with too much plot/depth, so I decided to make it a 4koma titled '1+2='.

As you can imagine, I never actually did anything with that idea. The other night I randomly decided to give it a shot:

Dec 7, 2010

I am so HIP

Update before I go to bed. I was up all night yesterday and I only managed to have a 6-7 hour nap in the early evening OTL; -But hey, at least my room's clean now!

Quick sketch:

[Mika~DO! I love this little fag so much, I swear ;3; ♥♥]

Dec 3, 2010
@kupocchi: Haha, I know right! The first movie is always my favorite. All of the cast were so young and cute back then. Especially Harry ♥

@Crumitieblvd: Oh, thank you! ;u; I think she's a bit plain. But she's my first OC I drew with a tablet, so I can't help but love her xD

Dec 6, 2010

100 Questions for an Artist

01. What is your pen name?

02. What made you choose this name?
I made bone-kun as a joint alias with a friend of mine over at deviantART who also made the user 'skull-chan'. It was cute at the time because he was 'chan' while I was 'kun'. 

03. Do you use PC or Mac?

04. What programs do you use most often?
Windows Live Messenger, Windows Media Player, Mozilla Firefox, Paint Tool SAI, Paint Shop Pro 7. Generally. I also use Open Canvas 1.1, and Adobe Photoshop CS3. 

05. Do you use mouse, or tablet?
Tablet. Graphire4 Wacom I got for a late Christmas/Birthday gift 20/01/07. Yes. I even have the date saved. 

06. What color or color combinations do you find yourself using most often?
If I’m just looking to sketch or draw lineart, I’ll just use black. If I want the image to look softer, I go with light browns. As for overall color, I find I use green and pink quite often. 

07. What part of a picture do you put most effort into?
The whole damn thing, of course. But if I had to choose, I suppose it would be the face. Especially the eyes and hair. 

08. How long does it take you do draw a picture?
Depends what mood I’m in, what I’m drawing, and what style it’s in. A sketch can range from 5min to 1hour+, but with coloring it might take longer. 

Dec 4, 2010


Damnit. I've stayed up again! I even had a sort-of schedule planned for today. Hopefully I'll still be able to fulfill it and I won't tire easily ;~;

Anyways, late update. AGAIN. And it's a shame, too, because I wanted to make one of those "beginning of the month" sort of entries.. Ahh well. Next time? xD

Obligatory art post:

Dec 1, 2010

I have a hat!

I've been neglecting to update my blog on the days that I'd plan to, well, update. Which is a little unsettling because I don't feel as motivated to draw if my blog isn't updated. So then I end up not doing anything useful with all my free time in day.

Yesterday (I say yesterday, because it's almost 5AM) mother and I went to fourways to hand in some forms. After that I went to Nerd Central, our local comic book store, for the second time ever. It's.. so weird. The first time I went I felt too awkward and left after like 10-20 seconds. This time I actually had a browse around, and I found I quite liked the atmosphere regardless of the clerk at the front keeping a close eye on things, the other random shoppers, and the small one-room store we were all crammed into along with rows of comic books. I even ended up browsing for a full 10+ minutes or so.

I honestly don't know why I went in there. I wasn't really expecting to buy anything. But I did end up finding a Justice League (Cartoon Network series) comic book, which was quite thick, and pretty cheap. I ended up buying it, only because it would be rude of me to browse for so long and NOT buy anything;; -I was quite surprised to find a manga shelf there too, and I plan to go back again to purchase some.

That's basically the only "active" thing I did all day. We did go grocery shopping after. And then when we got back home my bro and I played with the kittens for a while.. I seriously need a life xD;;

Compulsory art post:

Nov 29, 2010

Family Outing

So yesterday we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1! And by we, I mean: dad, mom, T (dad's partner), L (T's nephew and our childhood friend), my brothers (D (older) and J (younger)), and I! *u*)d

It was a little stressful at first while doing the planning. Because we'd planned to go before we even went to dad's for the weekend, but we didn't do any actual planning! So it was sort of at the fly that we actually looked up the times it would be showing at the cinema, and how much we might have to pay, if we're getting popcorn and drinks, etc. It was very frustrating, especially since mom arrived a little later that the time I told her to meet us (she couldn't find a parking space).

So we were all together. We all sat at the top row (I would never attempt to sit anywhere closer than that!), and I was right by the stairs! It felt weird because I usually have a chair in front of me. -Anyway, I don't have many opinions on the film since I haven't read the books, so I can't really compare. I only really wanted to go see it for the sake of seeing it, like we have with every other Harry Potter film after Prisoner of Azkaban. Here are some dot points of what I thought of it anyway:

Nov 27, 2010

Curse pirate ships and their complexity!

Currently googling pirate ships and masts. F*cking! So much technical stuff I have to take note of. I'm stuck between half-assing and drawing a cartoon-ish pirate ship, or being the perfectionist I am and going all out. Though half-assing would probably take just as much effort OTL

I know I said I wouldn't update because I'd be at dad's, but D keeps lending me his laptop (awwright!). I even got to catch up on Arakawa Under the Bridge x2 last night. I really love Nino! She's so adorable. Makes me wish I bothered to complete season 1. I might watch it when I get back home, since the episodes are on my younger brother's computer.

I tried to draw Nino (D brought his tablet along).. but using another computer to draw with just feels so foreign. I don't like it! -I did end up drawing some random Atobe sketches though:

[More REMOTE stuff. I mostly wanted to practice drawing that detective hat. Such a bitch to draw!

(I wonder how this will look on my own computer.. D's resolution is a tad wide ;3;)]

Nov 26, 2010

Commissions + Hiyoshi Collection

Sorry for the lame title. I'm trying to make this update quick because I'm finally going to dad's this weekend (we haven't been going since Chari had her kittens). I usually don't look forward to going there because of the lack of my own computer (I do borrow D's laptop, but it's not the same), so I can't CG or finish works even though it's a weekend where I could be using that time to.. CG and stuff xD; -But nah, I'm excited this time! Finally get to see dad after so long. He's been a little busy himself since the tattoo shop opened, so neither of us are really at fault. It'll be good to see him! And he'll be taking us to see the new Harry Potter film, so, yatta! Haha ♥

Since I won't be here to update for the next couple of days, I figured I'd update this now since I haven't been posting many entries this month. Starting with completed commissions:

Nov 25, 2010



Aww man. I really didn't want to update unless I had something new to share/post. But I can't seem to be able to draw anything right now (it could be because I'm tired, since it is 4AM and all lol). I should have forced myself to update when I actually drew something the other day, or the day before OTL;;

Since I'm a cheat, I guess I'll share those here too then:

[Finally got around to taking photos of the kittens (not good photos, I might add). I've only posted them on Facebook, though. I might try and get some new/clearer photos soon.

I think I've mentioned this before, but the kitten we're considering keeping (it's a definite maybe) is Big Green, the only tabby of the bunch. Being the loser fujoshi I am, I decided to gijinka him into a silly shota boy ;3; ]

Nov 21, 2010

Mountain Dew SUCKS

Wasn't sure if I was going to make a post tonight. But I'm tired. And I wanted to draw something before I clonked, so I might as well share my efforts:

Gotta love drawing random boys ♥

Well, I'm off! I am really freaking tired tonight/this morning! (It's only 3AM - earlier than I've been going to sleep lately.) Good night/morning, bloggy! ;3;

Nov 20, 2010

My front teeth are sensitive!

I don't want to update because I don't have much to say. But I feel like updating for the sake of updating. Life is hard..

I woke up early this morning despite going to bed late. I was just lying in bed watching Gintama until the early hours. So sad how I can watch a marathon of the same anime over and over.

Uh. Skipped breakfast and went out to fourways and then to Coles. Bought Chari a variety of different cat foods, and bought myself some banana milk (love ♥).

Went home and ate a burger left over from last night. We had Hungry Jacks, which we haven't had in a while. Hopefully next time we'll get pizza (so tired of KFC wtf..).

Then I chillaxed for a while.. Bit pissed off that I didn't even open SAI once today. But I'll let it slide because of my moodswings ;3; *excuses*

Oh, and I sewed for a little bit. Didn't get to finish it, but I have the front half done. So now all I need to do is sew the rest together.

What am I making, you ask? This!:

Made this the other night, actually. This is the prototype. A Tamagotchi! It's approximately 2.5cm in height, even smaller than what a tamanano is. -I'm surprised I even had the energy to start making and finishing something. Out of felt, at that. (I used felt for the overall shape, screen, etc. But used wool felt for the buttons.)

I made a template before making the first one, so I used it again for this second one (it's pink!). I hope it turns out a little nicer than the prototype =3=

Anyway, that's all I have to say today.. I promise I'll have some art to post tomorrow or the day after (I seem to be updating every second day?). Ciao!

Nov 18, 2010

I want ramen..

Because I pretty much haven't eaten anything ALL DAY and I doubt mom's going to start cooking dinner this late at night.. *sigh* (I know, not healthy!) Though I haven't felt all that hungry today, which is odd. Maybe I'm not feeling well? ;u;

Anyway! Just wanted to update so I can say:

That's right! My blog has finally reached its 40th entry, as well as having reached over 400 pageviews! (I'm so lame..!) I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you'll keep reading me in the future! ;u; ♥♥ -Also, that representation of myself is totally inaccurate. And nor is my cat that hideous D'x

On a totally unrelated note, I've opened a new blog! But this one dedicated entirely to my REMOTE web/fancomic project. You can visit it here!

No updates on there yet. I've still yet to personalize the layout/make it pretty. I only made the blog because this project will be quite lengthy and on-going, and I didn't want to spam my general artblog with it.

We'll see how long updating both blogs periodically lasts.. xD

Nov 15, 2010

Perfectionism + Perspective = Painful

Yo, bloggy! Short update today since my internet is slow at the moment and I don't want to have uploaded a lot of pictures into an entry, only for it to crash on me xD;

Been drawing a lot the past couple of days. Unfortunately it's top secret business that includes deviantART, and a sort of "test" I'm running. We'll see how that goes! >uO)d

Another thing I'm working on: REMOTE webcomic! Sort of. Well. This is the furthest I've gone with actually drawing it! I already have quite a few drafts drawn on paper, so now I'm just copying onto SAI, cleaning, lining, and coloring.. *dies a little inside*

Here's a screencap of some of my fail perspective:

Even if I'm already putting too much effort into this (by my standards ;~;), I'm a little excited for the results. If I draw like this for every page, I think my skills will advance a decent amount. I've never bothered to look into perspective, though, so I doubt it looks right, haha;;

On another note! I've allowed anonymous comments =u=)/~♥

Nov 13, 2010

Boys and Girls

Forgot to update last night (but only because I was actually into drawing). Don't really have much to say right now, but I just really wanted to get an update in before I forget again later tonight.

Umm.. let's see. Here's another WIP of my KudoFudo pic:

[I only really have the eyes left to do, and maybe do something with the BG.. (one layer coloring is such a drag!). I stopped working on it last night, though, because my hand started hurting (for real!) xD;]

[Fanart I drew of LMP's new OCs, Cleaver Kid, and Stapler Face.. Very interesting! xD]

You might recognize this as my new blog BG. My mascot, Bon Créme in all his wonderful flavors! >u<)y I'm surprised it tiled so well. I tried to make the spacing as even as possible, so the tiling wouldn't be too big or too small in areas. Glad it worked out! ♥

On a random note: Drawing girls is a little fun.. I used to draw nothing but girls as a kid, and drawing boys was like blasphemy. I wouldn't even consider it! Now I prefer to draw boys, and drawing girls just wasn't interesting to me. But now that I'm trying again, drawing all those girly-ish dresses with all the frills.. It might be helpful to me in certain ways (I don't know how yet, but I'm sure it'll be helpful?;;).

Anyway, I just thought of that. I'll be back later to update, maybe. Depends.

Nov 11, 2010

KudoFudo and Hiyoshi

It's already around 7:30AM. What's wrong with me? OTL;;

What did I do all night? Well, I was drawing! *A* But, procrastinating. Not like.. commissions.. like I should be doing *dies* -Was drawing a decent KudoFudo portrait-ish picture:

Yeah.. Pretty creepy looking at the moment, but I'll get there! I was actually planning to stay up, because I have to go grocery shopping with mom later, and I figured I'd try finish this during the wait. But I'm too tired now, and can't concentrate very well. So quitting while I'm ahead;;

And because Hiyoshi is my favorite PoT character of all time:

Kind of random xD I only drew this like 5 minutes ago, too. I think my Hiyo looks too pretty..

Um. Haven't much to say today.. Notice the new header? Yeah, I hate it too. I'll definitely make a better one next time. I was just getting sick of looking at that no-effort header ^p^; I'm still working on a background to add, too.

Anyway, good night/morning, I guess! >3<)/;;

Nov 10, 2010

Kudou is HOT

Ahh. What to say tonight/this morning (haha, it's already 4AM;;)..? I didn't do much once again yesterday. I did do some laundry, which was a little tiring (it was really bright out and I don't do well under the sun lol). I've also been drawing, somewhat. But I still haven't completed those two commissions, so I'm a little bummed out about that.

I mostly drew on paper with an ink pen. Considering I haven't drawn on paper for so long (at least not hardcore doodling), I'm pretty proud of how they all came out. Too ugly to show, but I was using an ink pen, and I'm surprisingly comfortable with using them now, which is what I'm most proud of ^u^ I'm usually too frigid to start inking on paper. One mistake and I can't Ctrl+Z! *despair*

Maybe if I use ink pen long enough, it will become second nature to me? *snort* Yeah, right. If only ;3; -Anyway here's what I drew on SAI earlier:

Haha~ Kudou-coach! The first one is a gif rendered edit, and the other is the original. I like them both, so I can't really decide which looks best.

YuuZai! ♥ I personally really adore this couple, even though I hardly know anything about them. Yuuji is the seme here. Zaizen just seems too uke to top Yuuji, even though he's taller (I assume he's taller because of his appearance in the anime). Might draw more of them in the future. Zaizen's hair was surprisingly easy to draw (first time drawing it!)~

I think that's about it for today..? Oh!

On another note, the other day one of the Japanese artists I watch over at pixiv, Nozomu-sama (please visit her site, it's just packed with wonderful AtoHiyo goodness~!), actually added me back on twitter! I was so happy! ;u; I mean, she already added me over at pixiv months ago. But to add me on twitter too.. I really admire her! And I love her works/doujins (even though I can't really read them lol)! ♥♥

Okay! Now I'm done! My blog isn't complete without some sort of artist worship xD -Good night/morning, blog!

Nov 9, 2010

Big Green and Roman

Had a short pchat session at Chan's (chancake@dA/twitter) takamin board earlier that was actually open for quite a while. It's really amazing how conversation can take a turn for the weird, lol. (Shout out to the awesome dudes I just met. And thank you for adding me on twitter! ♥)

So I haven't been updating again. I've been putting it off because I haven't finished two commissions that are so easily finish-able that I can't believe I can't even motivate myself to actually work on them! Hell. I only really have one more to draw, too. I only need to color this second-last one OTL

Well, whatever. Here's the sketches I drew in the pchat (first 4 I drew at soulmeoka@twitter's takamin board, and the other two I drew at Chan's):

KudoFudo ♥ -Also, here's a picture I just cropped and uploaded so I could show someone. It's actually quite old, so I might as well share it since I never really planned to do anything with it. Maybe I'll redraw this one day with the final designs:

I was actually quite proud of these at the time I was drawing them. Partly because dad (it was a holiday and we were there for a week) kept complimenting my work. But mostly because they were the closest thing I could draw to full bodies (I never wanted to even attempt them!). And this was only a couple of months ago, too xD; I'd like to think I've improved if drawing full bodies is as easy as it is now.

Anyway, hoping I'll be more motivated to finish the commissions tomorrow. I also have to get working on REMOTE. I've sketched out more designs and such in one of my lined notebooks *dumbass*, and LaL (author of REMOTE) also updated with another chapter earlier so I'm like, so motivated/inspired to start working on that. Better get a move on.

Um. Also, concerning the title. It was pre-decided that one of the kittens would be named 'Big Green' (please watch this DBZ UK DUB to understand the reference). I mostly did it for LavenderIce, but I was also highly amused with the name Big Green. My bro has also started calling the kitten (the tabby-ish one) by the name, along with "Let that child alone." jokes! xD

Roman is the name of the full black kitten. I was just throwing names out there like 'Blacky' (scrapped that name instantly because we had a cat named Blacky in the past that betrayed us for another owner even though we spent $300+ to freaking spray/fix her) the other night. Then I thought of 'Noir', which my bro didn't really like. So he was like "What about Roman?". At first I was like "Roman? What?". He really meant to give it a Roman-ish name, but I ended up calling it Roman anyway. So that's what we're calling it now, lol.

We've only named those two kittens so far. We don't know if we'll officially name the other two because out of the all the kittens, we decided we'd only keep either the tabby-mix or the full black one (even though my mom doesn't want us to keep it because of bad luck ;3;). We don't really want another black and white cat, because Chari pretty much covers it (a tad mean, I know). They are all so cute, though. It sort of all depends on when we can tell their gender, I guess. There's also the two people my dad said wanted to claim a kitten. I'm not sure what gender they were after..

Anyway, that's about it. I think I'll head to bed no-- HOLY IT'S ALREADY 4AM?! When did THAT happen?! God damn, body clock! -Good night, bloggy ;~;

Nov 7, 2010

I'm up late again..

But that's not necessarily a bad thing! I've just been drawing since yesterday evening. And by drawing, I mean actually being productive for once. So productive, my hand aches! 8D I'm so glad. I haven't felt very productive at all this week, especially with the kittens being born and everything has just been too exciting that the week went right by me ;~;

Speaking of kittens, I've yet to take those photos OTL Not that I'm procrastinating on that or anything. I'm just worried about what'll happen if I let the kittens be exposed to too much light at once, so I'm leaving it until they at least have their eyes open. Plus I just feel terrible when I go to pick one up and it starts crying at me sob;; -They really are squeaky, though! Yesterday morning I woke up to Chari dragging one of the kittens over to my wardrobe (I finally moved them out of the laundry the other day and to the nest I made under my bed, and I had a back-up bed made in my wardrobe in case). It was kind of funny and scary at the same time, since I only saw a little of the kitten Chari had hanging from her mouth before she disappeared into the wardrobe, lol..

Um, what else.. It's Sunday today! A new week (I think Monday starts the week, but Sunday just feels like that day). There's so much I want to do. I'll need to complete more commissions before I can start working on REMOTE, too. A new chapter was released yesterday and I just spazzed out so much, It really got me motivated! I already have 6 or so page drafts of the webcomic, but I'm doing this in full-color, so I wonder how long it'll take me to complete one page argh;; But yeah, that's something I have planned, hopefully o3o)/

Anyway! Here's a screenshot of the commissions I've been working on all night:

[Had a lot of fun drawing all these. I'm embarrassed to admit I hardly ever read character profiles (because half the time the creator will have a huge wall of text @_@;;), but these character profiles were just so interesting! I'm glad I got to draw them. 

Only this one (the girl with the fans, obviously) and another to go *A* Then.. Then I have more to do.. *dies a little inside*]

On a random note, should I allow anonymous comments for this blog? I don't mind getting anon comments. It's the ads that I'm more worried about (used to get them at my FC2 blog), though they're easily just deletable. -I don't know how many people actually follow this blog, but I like to think at least a couple of people are reading. I'm just wondering if you guys would like it if I allowed comments from users who don't have blogspot accounts? o3o Just type something into my shoutbox if you're interested~

And holy balls it's almost 4AM! I better get some sleep ahaha;; Good night morning, blog! ♥

Nov 4, 2010

Number 8

I want to update this now because I feel that I just have to. Plus, I forgot to update last night;;

Haven't gotten around to getting photos of the kittens yet. It's too dark, and I can't use the flash, so I'll just wait until we've moved them and hopefully get a little more light without getting them blinded xD;

There is indeed four of them, by the way. Two black and white ones, a full black one (this is a first for us!), and a tabby-black-brown mix. They're all so cute! I actually got to pet one before. I wasn't sure if Chari would let me ;u; So soft. And they wriggle around so much! Reminded me of my old pet rat, Chinchu.. I miss her ;3;;

Anyway! Here's some shit I drew/sketched last night:

[I really like Adair with his hat. I don't know why I don't draw it on him more often..]

[My old Sonic OC (yes.. I had one of those) gjijinka'd. He's actually a fish. An extinct Chinese fish called Cyprinus Yilongenesis. I thought it was a cool idea at the time xD;]

[Hiyoooo~ ;A; I've missed drawing him. Love mushroom hair forever ♥]

I'm going to need to get started on more commissions tonight. And I've actually been motivated/inspired to work on the REMOTE webcomic. I really want to get that started and uploaded ;3;)~

The title of this entry is of Android 8 from Dragon Ball. I was just watching an episode with him in it, and he's just too adorable omg ;A; ♥

Since there's no comment reply function, I'm going to just put any replies I have at the end of entries o3o)d

Nov 2, 2010
@nie: Thanks, Nie! You're seriously missing out! ;A; Whenever one of our cats have kittens.. No matter how many times it happens, it's still so magical/exciting! I'm so happy that Chari has finally had them. She's so slim now, LOL. (Funny imagining your mom literally trying to breed them xD;; Like putting one on top the other.. *COUGH*)

I will get onto those photos, I promise! ;A;

I'm glad you like Cecil! >u< -Gosh, I don't know how to go about teaching xD;; Most of my designs are just random clothing (most of the time English or fantasy) that pop into my head as I'm drawing a character. It's best to just look at references of different clothing and then personalizing them as you go along.

Nov 3, 2010


I didn't actually end up drawing until my hands "bled" the other day/yesterday. The time of my motivation was all out of sync with my inspiration that I tend to only get late at night. So my motivation was wasted, obviously =A=;; I did manage to draw a couple of things though:

[Light KibiShin I was drawing yesterday. It's just a friendly hug ♥]

[I've already posted this picture at two separate places, and I don't really want to explain who the one of the right is again. Just know that the one on the left is Adair, and the one on the right is Cecil. And they're step-brother-cousins xD]

I was up all night just drawing/sketching/chatting, right until around 2:30PM, when I finally decided to actually go to bed. 10 minutes later I find myself panicking because Charity (my cat) seemed to be meowing at me incessantly, which she never does, especially not in the tone she used. My first guess was that she was having her kittens.

I was right. A little googling and finding out where she went to hide (behind our washing machine), I knew she was ready to have them. I didn't do anything, even though I wanted to move her somewhere more.. cozy. Because she seemed a little reluctant to move by the time we found out she was really having them.

By around 3PM, Chari was just purring madly, and because I'm a sissy, I was just humming to myself nearby so she knew I was there and so it would help at least one of us CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Seriously, I was so scared. I knew she would be alright because I've had cats in the past who've birthed kittens in their first year (Chari is only a year old I think?). But that was at dad's, where dad's girlfriend also lives. And she's usually the one to take care of all of these things. I was kind of on my own with Chari (except for my mom and bro who were just a little more than useless lol).

So after a little whiny-meow cries from Chari, I look behind the washing machine to find she's had her first kitten. It was so tiny! It was already moving, and meowing. Chari was licking it clean like crazy, seriously, she was like all up in that shit. -But I was so excited. And so happy. And.. Well, I didn't get over emotional or anything. But I did run around to tell everyone it looks gross LOL. But it was still cute at the same time ;u;)d

I don't know how long it took for the second one to come out, but when I looked back there were three of them already. I was so tired, and just so excited. My eyes were already blurring by this time because of my lack of sleep, and everything was looking a little smokey, so it was hard to concentrate. I finally decided to actually get some sleep after it seemed like Chari would be fine on her own. D did the count for me before I went and said he saw four.

I can't be sure she only has four, because she could have easily birthed another while I was sleeping (it's too dark to see, and all of her kittens look like they have dark fur, lol). But every time I've checked on her the past few hours, she seemed content on just letting her kittens drink her milk. I'm just glad they're all so healthy, and that Chari isn't badly hurt ;3;;;

I did take some photos of the birthing process (because I'm like that whimpering husband on the side who wants to film his wife's childbirth, but totally faints when the head pops out), but the lighting was lacking, so they didn't turn out very well. I'll be sure to take nicer photos once they're all cleaned up and moved into a nicer bed.

Yep! So that's the tale of how Chari had her kittens.. And how I'm a loser. LOL. -I just wanted to have this written down somewhere so I would remember just how amazing it was ;u;

And now I'm going back to bed. Because even if I did have a nap, I'm still lacking rest and my body aches like holy whoa;; Good night, bloggy! ♥

Nov 1, 2010

Draw until my hands BLEED!

Is what I plan to do when I get home form shopping later >uO)d

I want to draw so much, I don't even.. I just want to draw! I've never felt so motivated before!

[Current twitter avatar. My OC, Betsy ♥]

Interlude 3

What am I doing?

What to do?

What to draw? Draw, draw, draw!

Oct 31, 2010

Wouldn't Turn Out Right

ARGH! I haven't updated my blog in so long! I'm so sorry for the neglect, bloggy! (/;A;)/~

Not much new to update, however. I haven't done much this past week, and it's already Sunday here. *sigh* I really need to start looking for work soon, too. I'm hoping I can get a job around four-ways (name for a little shopping district nearby), so I can just walk to work. My brother apparently got offered a job at Coles (supermarket) just the other day, and I really don't want to lose to him. But I don't do well in public either, so I don't know what to do about it.. OTL;;

Ah, what else..? Um.. Oh! I opened commissions again recently! Here are some examples I've done so far (no one has actually commissioned me yet lol ;3;):

I'm not in much of a rush with these, though. They're so easy to draw, I think I may keep commissions in this style open for quite a while. Hopefully more people will be interested later o3o)d

Yeah.. I really have nothing to talk about. I have absolutely no life, whatsoever! xD; -Title is a lyric from the song 'Reminiscing by Little River Band'. Watched 'The Other Guys' the other day, and this song was featured quite a lot. So hilarious xD

Oct 26, 2010

Bleach Marathon!

I had one today xD I had the whole Soul Society arc (my favorite one!) just playing in the background while I did my own thing. I did open the window every now and then to see Ichigo being badass, though!

Anyway, I just wanted to update before I went to bed toni-this morning. I forgot to update yesterday after I came home from dad's. But at least I have art/sketches to post with my entry! ;3; ♥

Brief from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! He's such a cutie. I'm glad he's getting more and more fanart each day over at Pixiv~

[Quick sketch drawn in a mix between P&S and Bleedman's art style.. *shiver* I actually used to kind of draw like this when I was younger. Power Puff Girls is too influential..?]

[I managed to get the chance to Hamachi network with my waifu yesterday (Mon for me, Sun for her)! Even if it was short ;u; -Sketch of waifu's adorable OCs ♥♥]

[Some ByaHana I finished drawing just a while ago. I pair these two, but I've never actually drawn a proper illustration of them. I wouldn't exactly call this "proper", but at least it's not an awful pencil sketch just scribbled on some line paper.. xD;; -Hanatarou ♥]

I better start thinking up some Halloween illustration ideas, ne..

Oct 22, 2010


I'm going to my dad's today. I'm not very happy about it this week because everything is just.. all wrong. And I really want to hurt somebody. First my older bro keeps hanging out in my room, my mom owes me money (not seriously bad, but when I need it, it'll be a hassle), and my younger bro is asking me for things, which is pissing me off necessarily. And to top it off, my cat's pregnant and I don't know when to expect her kittens! -I don't like feeling pissed off. But it's that time of the month, so whatev.. I'll get over it.

When I get back from dad's, the first thing I'm going to do is just shut everything out and draw. Maybe. Okay, maybe I'll sign into MSN.. *cries a little*

Anyway, here's a screenshot of my male tamagotchi, whose name is Lamp (lol title), in TamaTown when I signed in earlier:

So much cuter than my female 'gotchi ♥

[EDIT]: Oh gosh, I remembered what I wanted to say yesterday and the day before. A few entries back I mentioned offhandedly that a package I was waiting for might've been lost. GOOD NEWS! It actually arrived the other day. I'm so glad I didn't waste that money ;A;

Remember to never go with SAL shipping methods omg what a scare;;

Pokémon Movie Marathon

Technically it's not a marathon, since I've sort of been putting random movies on rather than have them play in order. My bro is also hanging out in my room again. He's been doing that lately, and while it's nice and all, he tends to over-stay his welcome OTL;; -He didn't leave until 3AM WTF.

Anyway, just making my daily post. I wanted to say something more, but as soon as I opened up blogspot I completely forgot ;3;

[Fanart of Tory from the 7th movie, Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys. I don't really like the later films of pokemon (I miss MISTY ;A;), but I'll make an exception, just for this cutie ♥]

[Random sitting portrait.. I suck. (Not a girl btw.)]

Oct 20, 2010

Tamagotchi Time!

The other day on twitter, a friend of mine mentioned something about Tamagotchi. Usually I would ignore such things since I haven't been very interested in Tamagotchi for years now, but in this case I let myself be curious since said friend was comparing Fudou (Inazuma Eleven) to a Tamagotchi character (which is weird because 'gotchi characters didn't have emotions from what I understood). Boy was I WRONG.

I started browsing the Tamagotchi wiki that my friend linked, and I just got absorbed at looking at all the little characters (there are so many!) and reading their profiles and who they're related to and what not. And some of them had the most cutest designs! I even watched the anime on Youtube, and after that I was hooked. I had badly wanted to buy a Tamagotchi since. A day later I went shopping:

I'm so glad I even found them! While we were at the mall yesterday my bro suggested I try Toy World and I was like WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT because I was planning to go to our local Kmart (I wasn't sure if they'd have them). But Toy World definitely would! (With a name like that, why wouldn't they have them?)

And boy was I pleasantly surprised after I searched the whole store to find they were on SALE for $6.99! Way cheaper than what I could have bought them at! -So far I've only opened the orange one. I don't know if I could handle working all three at once, haha;;

I've even already gone and drawn fanart for Tamagotchi already (how lame am I?):

Tamagotchi males that I particularly liked the designs of ♥

From left to right: KuroMamechi, Kuro' and Mamechi, Kizatchi, and Togetchi. I think it's obvious I now have a mohawk fetish xD;