Jul 3, 2011

Pink Toothbrush

Fanart of Lucifer and Chamuel from this deviation that I'm doing on drawr. I swear, even though they're chibis, they have so much personality. Lucifer looks so damn appealing. And Chamuel is just adorbz! I had to draw the two of them together.

I don't know if anyone's really noticed since I don't really post my attempts, but I've been drawing more couples lately. Mostly in this type of 'embracing' pose. I really love softcore fluffy moments.

I'm back at home from Queensland, by the way. Technically, I've been back at home since last Tuesday. But it seems I've forgotten to update in all the excitement. I can't believe it's July already. I didn't even realize until I saw it was the 2nd yesterday. But I can blame that on the fact I pulled an all nighter the day before, so my body clock is a bit on the fritz.

In fact, it's currently 4AM already. I'm heading to bed now. I just wanted to get this update over with (I'll try update again very soon-ish!) since I promised my waifu yesterday that I'd post ♥

P.S. My toothbrush is pink.

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