Jun 5, 2011

PIG SKIN! EW! + More Harry Potter

I must say, I wasn't anticipating a sudden all-nighter for my person. But I'd made plans yesterday and I intended to fill them, even if I had to stay up the rest of the night because of lack of alarm clock. Going to Queensland next week leaves less room to visit dad. While we don't really use our regular visiting schedule anymore, I'm not just gonna leave him hanging like that. Maybe I should find some really nice souvenirs..

Anyway, went to dad's work place in a daze, obviously, from lack of sleep. It was quiet again. To be expected when there's only 2-3 customers a day. It was great though. I spent most of my time reading, trying to finally finish off Order of the Phoenix (on 4th last chapter!). Unfortunately, I did end up falling asleep on one of the round guest seats for like.. 3 hours. It's quite amazing I actually managed to sleep curled up in it, and those chairs are tiny!

Here's some last minute photos I took of dad's friend's progress he made today (he's only learning):

Pretty gross, eh? That's pig skin. They train to tattoo on it. I didn't want to get too close (in case it smelled), but I did watch the guy work on a bit. It's pretty interesting!

Harry Potter sketches I'm working on:

Remus was only supposed to be a headshot, but I ended up really liking his pose so I decided to go all out. I'm not sure if I'm keeping the wolf ears+tail. I might make a separate version with them added on. And I might do the same with Peter, but with rat ears. I think I made Peter too mo├ędesu Dx

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