Jun 22, 2011

Indoor Malls FTW

So later today we're finally having a day out! Lately mother, my brother, and I have just been mooching on C's hospitality. Not that I really wanted to go out (as I haven't been feeling too good the past couple of days). We were supposed to go out yesterday, but a house inspector was coming over and no time was set for this, so we had to stay at the house.

I really do love the indoor malls here in the Gold Coast. It's definitely challenging, trying not to get lost and finding yourself walking in one direction for ages. I really feel like a tourist, even though we've been shown around once or twice.

One store I really enjoyed in the second indoor mall we visited is the Asian food store. I know that's pretty lame, but we don't get this kind of food back at home. Our local Asian food store is so mediocre in comparison to the almost-supermarket (which is actually just a small store that's well packed xD).

While we're on the topic of stores though, do any of you feel like you must go into a book store or news agencies? I've always been compelled to visit a news agency when I go out, and the book stores are sort of a new thing now that I'm beginning to enjoy the feel of holding a nicely designed book in my hands. When mom left J and I to wander alone the last time we went shopping, we visited every single news agency and book store we saw (4 NA's and 3 BS's), and always looked at each other before we walked into them like we were having some silent agreement.

Anyway, after we go out tomorrow, we might be going to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I'm not particularly interested in seeing it, but it's hard to sway mother away from something she sets her mind to. If First Class is viewing at the same time, I'm totally ditching PotC for it. Nie speaks so much of her love for X-Men FC lately that it's really got me itching to watch! D<

Speaking of Nie, the picture above is for her. RyoMina forever ♥♥♥

P.S. I really, really badly want to change my blog layout. AGAIN. What is wrong with me.

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  1. Aaaahhh oh my gooooddd DUDE YOUR TRADS ARE REALLY GOOD sdkfsdh what is this bullshit look at that flawless inking ffff thank you so much ;A;

    Bookstores and news agencies are always a must for me when I go to a mall! Who know what kinds of books they stock; and nngh fresh book smells! Did you know that bookstores like, say, Borders have a very distinct smell? No? I'm probably being creepy then.

    I watched First Class again today! I came home wanting to talk to you about it but then I remembered your plans for today. Do have fun! >u<)b