Mar 9, 2011

Sweat makes you GAY!

So yesterday evening, my brothers, our friend, and I were just chillin' in the living room at dad's place. Suddenly, a conversation that went something like this took place:

D: Ugh, I'm all sweaty down my back! *takes off jacket*
J: Doesn't sweat make you feel.. gay?
Me: What? Sweat? Gay?
J: Yeah.
D: Ugh, I'm so sweaty that I have the sudden urge to touch men!

I don't remember it word for word, but that was the gist of it. I couldn't look my brothers in the eye afterward, I was laughing too hard! xD

Just a quick update. I'm at home right now for my daily visit/check on the house. We were having some trouble with the keys yesterday, so when I arrived today and found the door as good as locked, I was so relieved. -It's also garbage day today, so I had to make sure our bin was full before the truck drove by.

Sorry for the short entry. I don't have enough time to draw something with my tablet, so have an old shota Harry sketch I'm pretty sure I have yet to post anywhere:

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  1. omg that sweat thing with your brothers made me laugh! so funny hahahahaha. I love random conversations like that!