Mar 5, 2011


Holy fuckity fucking fuck. I can't believe this. I've had SAI open all day in anticipation for epic drawing time, but I've hardly drawn a thing! The same could be said for last night as well (even though I was tired). I just end up drawing circles and eyes, hoping it'll turn into something.

I did end up drawing a thing or two. But when compared to the wasted hours of empty canvas, it isn't really worth it. I don't feel proud of myself at all for finally breaking through the block =A=;

[Drew Bulma earlier in the day (I ♥ Bulma). I thought drawing a woman would help me overcome the block. Unfortunately, after I finished it, I lost it again.

Fuuu-- I need to work on my girls, too. I don't think I give them enough curves.. And their faces are too baby-ish. HOW DOES ONE DRAW MATURE WOMENZ?]

[Something I'm relatively proud of, but disappointed with at the same time because: a) I drew it too small small, b) I didn't put effort into coloring, and c) I only finished in half an hour ago, so I drew this just before tiredness was setting in and I'd be done drawing.

But it's still AtoHiyo and I don't draw them enough as it is. I've certainly never drawn poses like these, so I'll let it slide ♥]

On an entirely different note, my mother left yesterday for her month-away trip to the mainland to see her boyfriend. I wonder if my brothers and I will live that long without her. I know we can go to dad's whenever, but leaving the house on its own never settled right with me. I'm considering making a schedule to come over to keep the house clean and in check. Maybe then I can just leave my computer at home and only use it a couple of hours a day. I absolutely loathe moving my computer around.

But I also loathe moving my cats around more. Taking them over to dad's again will be so bothersome. -We're considering going there either on Sunday or Monday. Wish me luck on that >3<)/

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  1. fff, I'm with an artblock too D:
    It's really annoying tho :<

    Oh, also, I have to see your stuff more oftenly xD, I haven't been really into the internet recently.
    I'm keeping you on my blog's broskis list :3
    hope you don't mind ^-^