Mar 7, 2011

Heavy Eyes

Uuurrghhhhaa! That's the sound I make when I haven't had any sleep and persist on staying up longer because of later appointments. My grandma is coming over at 2PM to take me to pay bills (wtf), and at 4:20PM I need to take Chari to the vet to get her stitches out. After that we're going to dad's, so.. Yay! Big day!

You're probably thinking: "Man, this bonerfag is such a loser for staying up all night when they obviously had something planned for the next day." And my response to that will be: "Yeah.. Yeah, I know."

Actually, my main reason for staying up is because I was watching Junjou Romantica season 2, after having re-watched season 1 the day before. Another reason would be my cats taking over my bed.. B-but I'll stick to the watching yaoi story. Because it's just a little less pitiful than losing my bed to some cats! Ahaha~!;; 

It's already almost afternoon here, so I don't want to risk catching a quick nap. I should really start packing the things I'll be taking over to dad's place, as well as the cats. (Those cute little bastards!)

Well, at least I did a lot better than the other day with the drawing thing. I finished some older pics, and even drew on paper for once. The only thing I'm willing to share right now though are these character refs:

Prince Daimon, Tadashi + Bon Créme, and Tundra. They're in order of newest to oldest OCs. I can't believe I've had Tundra for so long (around 7 years?!). This design of his outfit is only my second redraw of him, and I haven't changed it. Ignoring his cape and the lower half of his coat, Tundra is one of my rare slim-wear OCs. A lot of my characters have puffy pants, or anything that hides their figure.

Tadashi is so plain. But I created him when I first started using 'bone-kun' as my alias, so I keep him. He also has my top 3 favorite colors (orange, green, and brown) in his design, as well as a pair of red shoes that I tend to give to the main characters in my stories. With Bon Créme on his side, I think he at least stands out a little more! And his under shirt.. I only just came up with that while I was drawing the ref, but I quite like it! xD

And the newest and last (or first?) ref is of Prince Daimon. I can't tell whose outfit is more complex out of Tundra's and his. But I definitely adore the colorfulness of Daimon's tangerine crown/cape, with his blue-green vest and pink puff shorts. I just want to eat him- he reminds me of jellybeans! ♥ -However, Daimon as a character doesn't stand out much for me. He's more like a rape of two of my other characters put together. Maybe I'll use him one day, but for now I'm content just doodling out his gay-ness.

Anywho~! I might be able to update my blog sometime during the week (or two) I'll be staying at dad's. Like I mentioned in my last entry, I'll see if I can manage to walk back to mom's house every day to use my own computer. If not, expect artless (but maybe photos?) entries for a while.

Going to make myself another coffee. Later! =u=)/

[EDIT]: Oh gosh, I almost forgot: Thank you very much for the 1000 views!! ♥

Mar 5, 2011
@Kaki: I hope you can get over yours! I don't think I had much of an art block as I did lack of motivation, to be honest =3=);;

I don't mind at all! That's very kind of you omg ;A; ♥

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