Mar 1, 2011

Coffee At Midnight

I'm beginning to wonder how often I've mentioned coffee, and midnight, on my blog. It's definitely a topic I bring up on my private twitter quite often, mostly to complain about how much coffee doesn't have any energizing effects. Maybe I need to make some kind of coffee schedule, since I've never actually had coffee consistently. Sometimes I have it every day in the morning for a week, but then the next week I'll only have it two days and at midnight. I only really have it when I can be bothered to get up and make it xD

[(Left) Kaioshin I drew the other day. I'm not really in love with him so much anymore, but drawing his bangs is ridiculously fun to try and make look perfect.

(Right) Hermione Granger from Harry Potter I drew yesterday. She's definitely my favorite HP girl ever. She's so adorable! ♥ Especially in the first book where she was a total newb.]

[Some KasukaxIzaya I drew as, I guess, "motivation" for an author over at the Durarara!! kink meme. Obviously these two are the prompt. I'm surprised that I'm even intrigued by these two. I'm so against Shizaya that any other pairing with Izaya (aside from IzayaxMikado) never crossed my mind.

Picture on the right I drew the other day, and the one below I drew yesterday.]

[(Below) My adorable mittens/fingerless gloves ♥ There's a button above the bunny heads that you can release and they fold out into mittens (second photo). I personally prefer the fingerless glove look. They feel puffy on my hands and make me want to punch things only because they're cuddly soft and I know it won't hurt >u<)d]

[This last picture is of a purse I'm using as my camera's case. I lol'd when I saw it in the shop and just had to have it for myself. It's almost the same exact shade of pink as my camera, too. Random ice-cream strap is random.]

Almost 2AM Tuesday. Why am I up late again?

[EDIT]: O-Oh my gosh! It's the first of March! Happy first of the month, everyone~! ♥

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  1. Brooo your things are so cute! And your camera case is just phffffttttLOL
    Sorry about not being able to chat with your properly on MSN. Apparently the internet fritz hasn't just been happening to me, so I'm going to ask me brothers to call the....the INTERNET PEOPLE to fix it idek ok

    I'll try and update my blog today too; no pictures though. Mum doesn't have work, so I'm using my friend's laptop while I'm at school.

    Lovely art as usual ;u;