Mar 17, 2011

Art Dump 2

I hate that I have a burst of inspiration while I don't have my own computer around. Here's what I drew using my dad's computer (I bet they'll look so weird back on my monitor):

The only pic I like is the Harry one. And that's only because I put a decent amount of effort into it. The second picture is of one of my random girl OCs that have no storyline whatsoever (more pink and green- what's wrong with me). The middle row are my twin OCs Daisuke and Suzu, with their normal and "rich" sides. And the last pic is of my uncle's OC Lia, which I drew for his birthday today.

All pics were drawn in Open Canvas 1.1.

[EDIT]: Ugh. I'm on D's laptop right now where the resolution is more closer to my own computer's. I had no idea my drawings would turn out so small. What a bummer.

Also, I wanted to mention that while I was drawing the last picture, my dad was just beside me playing guitar and singing his own songs. When I was almost finished, he started making up a song about taking a piss! I don't exactly remember the words.. But the song was just so random and funny I wanted to remember that moment here.

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