Feb 23, 2011

Too Early to be Late

Late update is late. I ended up finishing Dragon Ball the other day and have started on Dragon Ball Z again. It was a lot more fun watching DB though, because I've seen DBZ so many times already. I think I might just put DBZ on hold for a while and re-watch DB from the beginning. Gotta love the innocence (even though it's often quite perverse).

It's just over 5AM. I'm pulling a late nighter again =3=);; At least I'm feeling productive. Have some drawings:

 [A paint (and girl) test in SAI. I finally discovered the filters and decided to play around a bit by editing my colors as I went. I think it turned out quite well. I would never color this dark without using edits. I'm too used to lighter palettes.]

[Ugh.. And I still have LavenderIce's chibi commissions to finish. These only took me around 5 minutes each, however, because I used the same base, and they're only in flat colors. (I'll finish them eventually, Lav!)

I've decided to save them all in one big canvas, and I'll keep adding my favorite characters on in the future.]

[I only sketched these in the half an hour before typing this entry. I haven't been fairing very well with drawing anything involving REMOTE in traditional format, so I decided to speed it out in SAI.

I'm glad that the more I draw these guys (especially Inui), the more I get used to drawing their designs. I hate drawing hats so, so much.

Thanks to the filters in SAI, I've found an easier way of greyscale-ing the black and white duo detectives, Atobe and Oshitari. I'm so thankful for the saturation filter! Imagine trying to color them black and white. I'd have to save an entire palette of grays if I did it that way.]

Notice I've decided to keep that two-sided entry format for art posts? It makes it look less space-y. -Anyway, I better catch some much needed sleep before I sleep in until the evening later today. Later!

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