Feb 9, 2011

Sob + Yay + FFFFFFFUU--

I seriously need to set some priorities straight concerning my blog. My supposed 'everyday' blog. I only posted once last month- that is unacceptable! I think I'll just have to force myself to post every day for the next week to make sure I gain some sort of regular schedule going on. We'll see how that goes.

But other than that, my new obsession of Harry Potter is killing me. I'm lacking sleep (I get to bed at around 5-6AM?) because of fanfic reading, how pathetic is that? I don't think I ever felt this obsessed with HP the first few times I was into it. I think my fangirl-ing has reached its peak this time. It's almost like the time I was into KakaNaru. I'd be refreshing FF.Net 8-9-100 times a day or so.

I kind of wish my drive to read fanfics was the same as with reading novels. I'd probably be decent as a person if I just read more while in school.

On an upside to my terrible non-update-ness, I HAVE been drawing (somewhat). Not a lot, since I keep getting myself distracted. But enough to assure myself I haven't got any blocks from my lack of picking up my tablet/pen. It cheers me up to know I can just pick it up again whenever I feel like it. I was worried that my lack of motivation to draw lately was because of some sort of block. I guess I'm just lazy P:

So, uh.. Here's some SAI and drawr stuff that I drew in the past week, just because:

It's not really much, is it.. *squints that thumbnails* I need to draw at least 5 times more than that! This will be my new goal for 2011.

While we're on the topic of 2011, mom and I got new cameras on Sunday (6th). It was so random! I mean, I was actually thinking of getting one, since I had the money one me- but I didn't think that mom would just go and buy one for herself and I right then and there, without even consulting me. She was just talking to the man at the counter while I was examining cameras, and mom asks me: "You want pink, right?", and she goes and buys it! I was so confused/surprise. Pleasantly surprised, of course.

So now I have a new camera to better take photos during the year (AHA! You didn't think I'd follow up on that 2011 remark, did you?). It's definitely much more clearer than our old family camera, and more slimming. Here's a photo I took of my new camera, as well as my last photo taken with the family cam:

For however much I complain to my mother about not being a girly-girl, I really do love my pink..

Now for the rant, which will hopefully stay on topic (Warning: Need to highlight. And also a family rant, so don't read if you're uncomfortable with that whole "I HATE MY FAMILY!" cliché):

My older brother's a prat.

I think my main problem with him is that he's so unbelievably irresponsible. Well, not 'unbelievably'. But he's terribly irresponsible. It's hard picking up the pieces after him. He really doesn't think at all before he talks/acts. Sometimes I'm tempted to just.. throttle him and, ugh.. Hit him in that FACE OF HIS.

Don't get me wrong, I love my brother very much. And even I can't stop myself from helping him out with the things he needs help with (useless). I really need to stop coddling him, because half of the problems at home are definitely his fault. He gets mom frustrated (making everyone in the house awkward), we now have one cat too many (which I have to clean after!), and he himself is hardly. ever. HOME.

For someone who gets out of the house a lot, he sure knows how to cause a lot of problems where he's not even around. You would think he'd have a little more empathy and decency after all those church gatherings and youth groups he goes to. He doesn't know how to read the situation. And he's hardly understanding, either. I've been overly empathetic since before I could remember (I still cry if someone else is crying!), and I'm sure my brother and I share that trait (not the crying, of course; I don't think I can imagine a 21 year old man crying just because someone else in the room was LOL). I just think he's just pointing that empathy in the wrong place, and needs to shape up a bit.

Jan 17, 2011
@Shinju: Thank you so much, Shinju! ;u; ♥

@nie: Bro, I updated again! ♥ (Be proud of me!) I want to draw more Cyan and Bistre next time. You should draw them too ;3;)9"

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  1. Fucking ipod didn't post my comment asdghladg

    YOU UPDATED!! *A* this is me being proud of you
    Nnngh bro your drawings are getting more and more pro! I want to eat your colors and cute linearts mmmmm /reaaaaches
    Also, congrats on the camera! It looks very cute; I like that shade of pink eehee
    And good luck with your bro, man ;3;)b

    Oh gosh, you're welcome to draw them anytime *u*
    I draw Bistre on a daily basis...I have tons of doodles of him OTL