Feb 14, 2011


Hey bros, check out what's in my town!:

Yes, this is most definitely real. I found out about it a couple of months back now, but I never got the chance to take a photo of it. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. Noni-B. Imagine that! It has both my casual nickname 'Noni', and the B obviously stands for my other nickname 'Boner'! xD

Okay enough of that. Have some random drawings while I'm slave-driving to finish this V-Day picture on time:

[Genderbend!Index from To Aru Majutsu no Index. My bro and I were fangirling the latest episode of season 2 (which I haven't seen, but he was sending me screencaps), where Accelerator and Index meet. Those two would make the most adorable couple.

I didn't exactly know how to male-fy a nun outfit.. I hope it doesn't look too awkward, lol.]

[While we're still partly on the topic of hetero couples, have some SasuHina I drew the other day. My first hetero OTP ever! ♥

I'm thinking of re-lining and coloring this when I get the chance to.]

Okay, I'm done for now. Might update again later.


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  2. I absolutely ADORE SasuHina. Cutest pairing in Naruto even if it is crack, hope to see more ;)

  3. Cute SasuHina :)