Feb 13, 2011

Incomplete Reading

..is a CURSE! Fanfics, manga, or webcomics. Anything incomplete will just eat at my nerves afterward. I always manage to get myself caught up with a good story, only to find out it hasn't been updated in 2-3 years. And just now I caught up with a manga I like, and I'm not even sure if a sequel is out yet or not. So frustrating!

Well, anyway. No need to get depressed over it (even though I totally am!). Meet my new OC, Daimon:

[He's really quite plain. I wasn't really thinking when I drew him. He just appeared out of nowhere. And I seriously have something for pink and green themes. The last OC I made (that I can think of) was Adair, and he fancies a pink and green theme as well. I need to expand more on the rainbow.

Anywho, this is Daimon. He's a prince, and he's 13. I haven't thought much on his story. I just wanted to draw a strawberry-blond boy, and I liked his design enough to make him an OC to make use of. His crown and cape in particular are based off either a pumpkin, or a tangerine. LOL.]

[More Daimon. This is just something I'm working on for Valentines Day. The strawberry-blond is more evident here. I don't want him to have too light-blond hair, or he'll look almost exactly like my other OC Kin-chan. Except that Kin has red eyes. And his bangs are more even on the sides (Daimon's left bangs are longer).

I hope I can finish this within a day.]

Hohoho. I love my little Daimon. He's like a mix between Kin-chan and Adair. I should draw those three in a lineup sometime, even though Kin-chan wouldn't really fit in with his school boy clothes..

Anyway, bed time for me I guess. I'm actually really tired at a more decent hour for once (3:30AM, pffft!). Good night, blog! ♥

[EDIT]: Oh, by the way, I've added a link banner for my blog. It's on the sidebar there, if anyone is interested.

Feb 10, 2011
@nie: Bro, I can't believe you slapped me! I'm supposed to slap you! ;3;

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