Feb 10, 2011

Doujin Party

Yo. I was meant to update again last night with this entry, but I kept getting distracted by the folks over at darazu (they're a great crowd!). I was awake chatting with them until around 9AM, and I've only had 5 hours of sleep (needed cat food so I got my mom to wake up me up so we could go to the grocery store). I'm still pretty tired, though.

Anyway! Yesterday I got my doujins I purchased from K-BOOKS a couple of weeks back, and I figured this was the perfect chance to test out my new camera! (At least for photos I'm willing to share..) I also have some old photos I took with the famcam of some other doujins I got last.. month? Well, whatever. K-BOOKS first:

I've never taken a photo of the packaging before, or of the opening process. I got a little more excited this time because of the camera xD;;

Front and back covers! I personally favor the second row. I'm not really a TomxShizuo fan, but Kawai Hideki has the most moemoe Shizuo EVER. I adore their art *3*

I'm not really into Hetalia anymore but I can't help myself when I see a pretty UKJP doujin cover (same with when purchasing any doujins, really). The one on the left is a heavy book by Santarose and the other two are by 常川庭助. I actually found out that ego (常川庭助) released a sequel to the book on the right the day my package was sent OTL;; 
The book on the right of the second picture is one by K.Hideki.

 More by K.Hideki, and the two PoT doujins I bought at random because they featured Hiyoshi. I couldn't find their pixiv, but they had their site linked on K-BOOKS: c t r n s.

This last PoT doujin I only bought because I follow the artist on pixiv, and I remembered them posting the cover over at pixiv. It's a hospital theme AU, so I thought it was pretty interesting. You can find them at their pixiv: なめぞう.

And now for famcam quality photos of the preowned doujins I bought from jpqueen:

THE PHOTO QUALITY IS HORRENDOUS! Though if I remember correctly, I took these photos at night with only my room light as a light source. DERP. 

I don't know who exactly drew these particular doujins (not including the one by K.Hideki, and maybe the KHR! one) so I can't link them. They most probably have links inside or on the back of them, but I can't be bothered going through my cupboard and taking them out of their slips.

That's about it for now. I don't really have much to say about the doujins themselves since I can't exactly read them. I only buy them for the artwork. If anyone (friends only) is interested I'm willing to scan or take photos of the inside of them since I finally have my own scanner and camera to make use of. I won't be scanning full doujins though. Always support the aritsts! o3o)d

I wonder if I can get back to sleep now. I feel tired in the body, but my mind is wide awake. I suppose I should just stay up for now and hope I can get my body clock to adjust to a decent sleeping schedule.. *sigh* -Until later, blog. I've kept my promise of updating every day so far. Also, new header! ♥

Feb 8, 2011
@nie: Silly ipod! -Thanks so much, Nie ;3; I'm sorry, but I lol'd out loud when you said 'cute linearts'. I read it as you thinking the lines were cute! xD;;

I like that shade of pink, too. It looks like candy. It doesn't help that the camera is all sleek and shiny. Makes me wanna lick it.

Thanks again, bro. I'm gonna need it =u=)d He's like a big baby, I swear. -And dude, how come you don't post them then? ;3;


  1. Not gonna risk using my ipod again so NINJA TIME
    Yes noni I think your lines are cute COME ON WOMAN /SLAP

    Don't defile your camera too soon bro. My doodles are...all on actual paper LOL so I'm lazy to scan them. I'd take pictures of them but well, all cameras in this house suck (excluding my stingy brother's :I )
    Maybe in my new place I'll get the scanner to myself eehee

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