Feb 25, 2011

Chari Woes

I just brought Chari home from the vet. A little late for her spay, as we kept holding it off (I'm terrible sorry for it, too). She's a little weary of her surroundings because of the drugs, and right now she's just sort of standing by my door. I'm keeping her in my room tonight since she's not allowed to eat or drink, and I don't want BG or Tubbs around her. I also have to keep a watchful eye on her, too. There's so much to look out for. I'm a little scared of watching her on my own.

For one thing, she has stitches. She's not allowed to jostle them for about 14 days, so that means no strenuous activities. She's also not allowed to lick or bite them, which I'm worried most about. I could keep her locked in my room to avoid the jostling, but keeping her from licking.. Hopefully we'll get through this by March 7th, which is the date I'm set to go back to get her stitches out.

Charity looks a-ok for now, which I'm grateful for. I now have her spayed and microchipped. Hopefully she'll understand she's back at home soon and try to get some rest, or at least lie down. I don't like seeing her standing in one place (she's still in the same spot!).

That's all for now. I just wanted to type this down to hopefully ease my mind a little bit (assurance that she'll be fine). I'm terribly anxious right now.

[EDIT/Feb 27]: I just wanted to update this entry with some photos of Chari's vet forms, as well as a photo of Chari herself to show that she's perfectly fine! The first night was rocky, but once the drugs wore off, she was able to take care of herself on her own. I'm still not letting her outside, though:

Vet forms (obviously, I blurred out addresses). They include her spayed status, as well as her microchip information. I also have the vet's calling card, as well as the tag that has my surname on it that they used to put on Chari's carry case. I still have a tag just like it from when one of my old cats (Niko. She died years ago ;3;) got spayed.

Chari is so well that she would even burst into my room to climb onto my window sill like she often does. Look at her, just grooming herself there like I don't have my camera shoved in her face xD

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