Dec 4, 2010


Damnit. I've stayed up again! I even had a sort-of schedule planned for today. Hopefully I'll still be able to fulfill it and I won't tire easily ;~;

Anyways, late update. AGAIN. And it's a shame, too, because I wanted to make one of those "beginning of the month" sort of entries.. Ahh well. Next time? xD

Obligatory art post:

[Shota Harry! *GASP* I drew this after seeing the new film. I forgot to post this in my last entry lol.]

[Tomato and TJ! Ahaha, this brings me back! ♥ Around when I first got my tablet, I took to pchatting almost instantly. I met Vio (an old friend? I think it was Vio OTL;;), who had just gotten her own tablet around the same day as me, so we drew together. We ended up roleplaying, which is how these two came to be.

I was just drawing chibi girls at first, and then Tomato came about. And then I guess Vio thought she was just short, so she drew TJ, her "tall" boyfriend xD It was cute, though! I still have some of the RP saved actually..

I only really drew them for nostalgia's sake. And I felt like drawing a loli for once lol ♥]

[Kikumaru that I sketched just now for no reason. But hey, it's cute, so whatever OTL]

Also pretty random:

Kuni's books arrived the other day! ♥ Her art is so amazing, seriously *Q* -The Justice League book is just something I picked up from the comic book store xD;

Anyway, I guess I gotta let my cat in and then have some sleep before starting the rest of my day. Schedule for today is: clean, shop, shop, clean, clean, draw! Good night morning!


  1. That shota Harry...* u*
    If only he stayed that cute by the end of the series!

  2. Harry Potter + Shota = WIN ♥

    I love Tomato! She's so cute c:
    I want to draw her ;_;