Dec 21, 2010


Suddenly had the urge to update. It's almost 5AM and I've admittedly been awake all night, though I had a nap just after dinner. My mother just told me over MSN (she is SO hip!) that if it's sunny today, we'll go christmas shopping this afternoon instead of tomorrow. I don't know what to think about that. I'm not disappointed in the change of plans, but I'm not enthusastic either. I don't even have anything to buy in mind.

I'm currently doing what I usually do when I'm up late (excluding drawing since I'm using my brother's laptop) and reading fanfics and spouting nonsense on twitter when I see fit. I'm surprised I've been getting so into Harry Potter fanfiction lately, even those that aren't of the pairing variety. I recently found one author who writes lengthy Snarry fics that range from 30 to 40 chapters long. At least it's something to amuse me, I guess. No new anime to watch until later this week.

On another note, I've been sporting the idea of simply handing the kittens over to a shelter/adoption center. I know my brother and I decided we wanted to give the kittens to people we know and trust, but even if they were given to people we know, it's not like we can keep watch on them all the time anyway. It would be so much easier if we gave them away, to someone who would actually pay money for a pet (because who would pay for a pet, only to not look after it?). Though I will miss Tubby, Roman, and Snake Eyes terribly.

I've asked mom to bring my camera and charger over, so I can get as many pictures as I can before we give them away. If D doesn't find anyone before the end of this week, I'll be taking them to the adoption center by next Wednesday. While we're on the subject of next week, I'll have you guys know that my birthday will be on the Tuesday of that week (hence giving them away the day after my birthday, so that I can at least celebrate with them). I don't really celebrate it anymore, but I wouldn't mind some birthday wishes on the day ♥

Dec 19, 2010
@Crumitieblvd: Thank you very much! Those are my more wacky-looking chibis xD;

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