Dec 13, 2010

Midnight Woes

So I woke up yesterday morning to feed my cat, and when I came back to bed I found out a kitten pissed on it. I had to clean all my sheets. They didn't know any better, though. So I wasn't too grumpy about it (even though I was worried that it might rain and that my blankets wouldn't dry fast enough).

I spent most of yesterday reading Harry Potter fanfics.. Sadly, I've been doing this the past couple of days. I honestly can't help myself when I find a good story. I especially love those time travel fics like I would with Naruto. There's just something about the main tragic hero (Naruto, Harry, etc) being able to go back and changing things that's highly appealing to me. I also love reading torture/angst fics xD

I've also been entertaining the idea of buying the Harry Potter novels and giving them a read just so I understand things fully. I've only ever watched the films, so it gets a bit annoying after seeing characters' names I don't know. Though I think I've learnt of a few characters by just reading them be introduced into the fanfics. I didn't even know Hogwarts had a librarian. Was she even in the films?

Anyway, when I was going out to hang up my main blanket on our washing line, I found a car parked in our back yard. My neighbors were actually CLEANING our side-house pathway, which was very awkward for me. My grandma seems to see it fit everytime she visits to talk to our neighbors and somehow getting them to "help" us. What the fuck is that? It's so embarrassing when I have to deal with them! Especially since both of our neighbors (left and right) are old couples. Though the one who lives on our right is always in his tool shed, so he's quite helpful. But I don't like feeling indebted to people..

Ignoring how useless my own family is at these things, after taking in my laundry, I set up my bed and had a nap right away. Charity has been waking me up earlier and earlier as each day passes. She makes a wonderful alarm clock, but I've been going to bed late too, so I haven't been getting enough sleep. I didn't wake up until around an hour ago (5-6 hour nap).

Speaking of nap though, I don't understand why my brother (I'm going to assume because mom wants nothing to do with our cat) bothers to even try to feed Charity when I'm away or sleeping. He can't even fucking do THAT right. I had one packet of kitten food left which I planned on feeding to the kittens since they've taken to eating food quite well, and he used it for Chari! Sure, we started feeding Chari kitten food again while she was nursing (extra vitamins/nutrients), but there was plenty of other cat foods to choose from! And he didn't even use the right dish for her food!

Honestly, what a drag. I wish I didn't become so obsessed with cat care when we got Charity. It only got worse once the kittens were born. But my family could at least have the decency to know what to do with Chari if I'm not around. They only have to feed her and let her out, and Chari is satisfied. It's not even hard.

Sorry for the rant. I had to get it out there. I get a little grumpy if I sleep too much or too little. -Anyway, I better eat (snack) on something before I head back to bed. There's no use trying to stay up now.. Sorry, Nie!

[Obligatory sketch. Was practicing drawing man-ish dudes the other day, and these were the only two I thought looked decent *sob*]

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