Dec 17, 2010

Interlude 4

Long time no update! =3=)/ I've been a little busy the past couple of days with some stuff, so I haven't really been drawing anything else. I have taken the chance to update my MangaBullet account, though. It's nice to be at least a little active at the community I love ♥

It's Friday today, and I'm not sure what we have planned, but it's the official Summer holidays here, so we'll be switching our every-second-weekend at dad's schedule to every-second-week. I honestly won't mind staying there weekly, because I can at least bring my computer over there without feeling foolish (my younger brother insists on bringing his computer there each weekend, which is stupid since it's only really a two night stay). It'll be annoying lugging my stuff around, though! xD

I'm mostly worried about what we're doing with Charity and the kittens. They're 6 and a half weeks old now, so by next week we'll be looking for possible owners (we had a few people in mind at the beginning, but we've found the kittens too precious to give them to such people) for them. However, I can't leave them at home alone with my mom, so we might have to take them to dad's, where there's already four other cats. I'd have to keep the kittens in my own room, where my computer will most likely be, so I'm dreading the idea of them playing with my computer cords! ;~;

Speaking of the kittens. I know it was already decided before we even got to know them that we'd be keeping Big Green, and Big Green alone. But when I look at all of those kittens sleeping together.. I think this is the first time I've felt hurt, personally, about giving them away. Before, when giving kittens away, I'd be more neutral about it because of how little we're at dad's. But these are the kittens I've had living in my bedroom with me since before they could even open their eyes.

I don't know. I know I don't want to keep them all, I have enough troubles with Charity alone. But I want the kittens to be safe, and loved, and I don't like the thought of their pitiful meows when they realize they're not with the others anymore. I told myself I wouldn't get attached, but I think I will really cry when we finally get around to giving one of them away. -We'll see what happens..

Anyway, I just wanted to update for the sake of updating. If we're going to dad's later today, I'll try and update when I can (I won't have internet access). Good night! ♥

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