Dec 18, 2010

I didn't eat dinner last night!

More like, I forgot to have dinner! Mother didn't cook anything, so it was a 'free for all' night. I guess it sort of slipped my mind, trying to finish off some projects, and stressing over going to dad's. We didn't end up going yesterday because of the heavy rain (which admittedly ended before the time we would've gone there), so we're going later today instead. I'm still worried about the kittens, and the horde of stuff I'll be packing to last me the week. -I'm just simply not prepared mentally for this! *sigh*

Well, whatever. I haven't seen dad in a while, so it'll be good to see him again. (I say this every time, don't I?) I just know something horrible will happen, though..

Obligatory image:

[Nameless uncle of Daisuke and Suzu. He becomes the chef for the Aoki (Naoto) household. He's a bit of an airhead though, and gets into many dangerous situations because of his carelessness xD

I don't draw this guy often (though he did appear in that 'Christmas Apron' 4koma sketch I posted a few entries back). I think this is my first time deciding on an actual face for him.

Now I need a name LOL.]

Anyway, I better get some shut eye, or dad will criticize me when I arrive there. I'll update again when I'm settled in (I'm taking my computer over, so I'd have to set it back up). 'Night! ♥

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