Dec 7, 2010

I am so HIP

Update before I go to bed. I was up all night yesterday and I only managed to have a 6-7 hour nap in the early evening OTL; -But hey, at least my room's clean now!

Quick sketch:

[Mika~DO! I love this little fag so much, I swear ;3; ♥♥]

Dec 3, 2010
@kupocchi: Haha, I know right! The first movie is always my favorite. All of the cast were so young and cute back then. Especially Harry ♥

@Crumitieblvd: Oh, thank you! ;u; I think she's a bit plain. But she's my first OC I drew with a tablet, so I can't help but love her xD

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  1. MIKADO!! <33 I haven't seen you draw him in a while omg ;u; He's so cute in that huge jacket hee~