Dec 10, 2010

Bananananana~! ♥

 Most epic drink of all time! ♥

I didn't really want to update my blog today because I hardly have anything interesting to post. But I haven't done much of anything since I got home from grocery shopping this afternoon.. Not that typing up an entry makes up for inactivity, aha~ OTL;;

Um. So today I was forced to wake up by Charity's meows again, like she's been doing everyday for the past couple of weeks when she's hungry or wants to go outside. Not long after I got up, it was decided that I'd be going shopping with my mother, which pissed me off, like every other time it's "decided". It's like I have no choice in the matter (even though I do, but the way everyone says it makes it sound like I have to go!).

I was going to have a shower right away, but I started feeding the kittens some kitten food again (I want to help wean them to kitten food, since Chari is getting more edgy towards them lately). BG ate again, and this time Tubby joined him. Roman is still biting the plate, and Snake Eyes doesn't even try. Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day all the kittens will be eating it. -Note to self: Only feed them when Charity is out of the house. She is so annoying when she tries to eat their food after I JUST fed her.

After feeding them, I was going to head for the shower, but mom had gone before me. I decided to put more concentration into feeding the kittens, so I didn't notice when mom had finished or when D went in. But when I finally had the chance to use the bathroom, the water actually went COLD on me! That's never happened to me before! I was.. so pissed off. I was in the middle of washing my hair, too, so all the cold water was going along my back. I'm going to just ignore everyone tomorrow if I wake up with an ache.

I wish I knew how to vent my anger better IRL instead of typing out a rant on my blog *sigh* One day..

Sorry for the rant xD; Here are some drawings I sketched earlier:

[Oho! It's Cecil and Adair! ♥ But this time standing back to back instead of in a questionable embrace =u= I kind of wish I'd been bothered to color this before when I was drawing it. I've already merged the layers, though, so it can't be helped.

I still need to refine Cecil's outfit. I haven't even drawn him from front view yet OTL]

[It was Hiyoshi's birthday 05/12! I do have drawing dedicated to his birthday in the works, but I don't see me finishing it anytime soon OTL

So here's a quick chibi of him instead! Happy Birthday, Hiyooo~!! ♥♥]

Dec 8, 2010
@Crumitieblvd: Thanks! I try to have a little "variety" in my OCs. But I always seem to give them some sort of cute factor in the end Dx -I'd like to see your OCs sometime! ♥

@nie: Thanks, Nie! ;u; Naoto is my pride and joy ♥ And haha, sure! I only made it because other templates I found online were too small, or weren't wide enough ;3;

Ahh xD I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I used to be quite the oekaki fag back in the day. Using the binary tool was mostly like that.

Thanks for the luck! Good luck to you as well, even though I've said it a lot already! >u< Labu~ ♥

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  1. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME that Hiyoshi is ADORABLE! I want to squish him asdfghj so cuteeee

    Also, Adair and Cecil! <3 I love their designs ehe. You seem to be using quite a bit of that shade of purple/pink lately, its really pretty <3

    And please take care of yourself! ;A;