Dec 9, 2010

4koma, anyone?

Quick update before I go to bed (I only ever seem to update before going to sleep, wtf?). I had a nap earlier, but I guess it wasn't enough. I am so tired.

Anyway, a couple of years back I decided on creating a story about my OCs Naoto, Daisuke, and Suzu (can find them here, or scattered about here). At first I thought of maybe creating a manga/comic for them. But at the time I didn't want to think of anything with too much plot/depth, so I decided to make it a 4koma titled '1+2='.

As you can imagine, I never actually did anything with that idea. The other night I randomly decided to give it a shot:

[Not that well drawn. I was only sketching at first, and I didn't even add any dialog. If you want to know what's going on, Naoto is basically excited for Christmas because he has a special 'Christmas Apron' he wears each year (he has an apron obsession if you didn't know). In the third frame Daisuke and Suzu's uncle walks in wearing said apron, and well, you get the picture by the last panel xD]

[Something I was working on just a moment ago. This is actually the first 4koma of the series that I've had a draft of in one of my many notebooks for a long while now, so I decided to redraw it using my 4koma template I made (you can get it here!).

It's so hard to draw a short story/punchline in only 4 frames ;~;]

Enough 4koma business. Have a sketch I drew using the 'Binary' tool in SAI for the first time ever:

[Curse me and my need to draw pretty boys!]

Well, good night! xD

Dec 6, 2010
@nie: Thanks, Nie! I should try draw him more often ;u;)~


  1. The 4koma is such a good idea!! I think I'm gonna try to do some for all my Oc's I've neglected *u*
    I definitely want to see more Naoto and aprons c: That's such a cute personality idea! All my Oc's are evil and complex =_=" I need to make a super cute uke one sometime sone ♥

  2. Wahh 4koma comics! I haven't seen those in a while ;u; Naoto is still super adorbz asdfg whyyyy

    If you don't mind, I'll be saving that 4koma template :3c makes things so much easier omg now I can make stupid comics
    (Also holy shit how the hell do you use the binary tool asdfg teach me your ways)

    Good luck with your comic-making! <3 Much love <3