Dec 20, 2010

4 More Days Until Christmas

Or at least here in my timezone it will be. I wanted to update before then. Though I don't really have any art to share. I've gotten the chance to draw with my own computer, but it just doesn't feel the same over here at dad's. Plus, the kittens just keep getting in the way and I've had to build a sort of fortress around my computer and its cords. I also don't have a means of transfering files (I keep forgetting to ask D for his USB).

So, what to talk about.. Arrived here on Saturday and had to settle in. I had a lot of stuff to bring in as well as my cat's/kittens' necessities. I was in such a pissed mood once I was finished. Levi's (family friend) nephew and niece stayed the night. It bothered me a lot when my father decided to allow them into my room to see the kittens. I was even watching Arakawa Under the Bridge x2 at the time, so I had to pause it to keep an eye on them. No one bothers my Arakawa time (even if I do re-watch them in a playlist all the time).

The next day I ended up walking to Coles (supermarket) as soon as I woke up that morning. It was quite an adventure, and I felt quite rebelious while walking there. I didn't have breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face, or even go to the rest room. I just left the house after getting changed and went grocery shopping for kitten food. Though I do wonder what was going through my mind before deciding that I was going out. I don't recall having any thoughts about it while I was waking up xD;;

When I got home, dad asked me to allow the kittens to go up to his front room to let the kids to play with them freely and to "give me a break", which I don't really believe. But I allowed it anyway because the kids were going home that day. A while later I decided to go to the front room, where dad let me use his computer because D was home at the time and was using his laptop, so I had no other means of internet access.

I was painfully reminded of how much I dislike children after that "babysitting saga" of my life. Not that the children were doing anything wrong, per say. They just wouldn't stop handling the kittens after every other responsible person in the room strictly told them not to. And the youngest child wouldn't stop telling everyone what the kittens were doing, when we were right there watching as well. Though I won't hold that against them, because I'm sure all children were at that stage once before. I'm sure I was, too..

Now it's the third day here at dad's.. Nothing exciting has happened so far, and hopefully it'll stay that way until mother comes to pick us up on Wednesday to go christmas shopping (that's her gift to us lol).

I'm going to have to rely on photobucket for my obligatory art post:

[TinierMe chibi gifts I drew when I was new to TM. The top 3 were for friends, and the bottom 2 for randoms.]

[Sketch of Nie's OC, Venn, that I drew just last week. He's so purple-ish adorbs ;3; ♥]

Okay, that's all for now. I'll try and update on Wednesday to tell you guys how the family outing went. I imagine it will be quite boring on my part though, because I'm not particular about "shopping". -Ciao! ♥

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