Dec 6, 2010

100 Questions for an Artist

01. What is your pen name?

02. What made you choose this name?
I made bone-kun as a joint alias with a friend of mine over at deviantART who also made the user 'skull-chan'. It was cute at the time because he was 'chan' while I was 'kun'. 

03. Do you use PC or Mac?

04. What programs do you use most often?
Windows Live Messenger, Windows Media Player, Mozilla Firefox, Paint Tool SAI, Paint Shop Pro 7. Generally. I also use Open Canvas 1.1, and Adobe Photoshop CS3. 

05. Do you use mouse, or tablet?
Tablet. Graphire4 Wacom I got for a late Christmas/Birthday gift 20/01/07. Yes. I even have the date saved. 

06. What color or color combinations do you find yourself using most often?
If I’m just looking to sketch or draw lineart, I’ll just use black. If I want the image to look softer, I go with light browns. As for overall color, I find I use green and pink quite often. 

07. What part of a picture do you put most effort into?
The whole damn thing, of course. But if I had to choose, I suppose it would be the face. Especially the eyes and hair. 

08. How long does it take you do draw a picture?
Depends what mood I’m in, what I’m drawing, and what style it’s in. A sketch can range from 5min to 1hour+, but with coloring it might take longer. 

09. Do you keep your rough drafts?
Most of the time. With paper, yes. With the tablet, not as much, unless I screencapped a WIP. 

10. What font do you use most often?

11. When you scan your image, what DPI do you use?
200dpi, if I remember the settings correctly. For now, I don't have a working scanner. 

12. Do you do anything else when you're drawing?
Chat on MSN, listen to music on WMP, twitter, and facebook most of the time. If I'm really into drawing, I don't really pay attention to much else. 

13. Approximately how many pictures do you draw in a month?
Lately only 6-7 decent completed images OTL;; 

14. What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?
Any. Mainly regular printing paper, or a notepad. I bought some sketchbooks lately, too. 

15. What kind of paper do you use for rough sketches and drafts?
You’ll find the answer above. 

16. How long does it take you to ink something?
On paper and on tablet, it'll take me at least 2-3 hours depending. 

17. Do you do comics, or fan comics?
I try. 

18. Do you like comics? Are they fun to make?
I like comics. Not so fun to make if you have no experience. 

19. Have you ever submitted anything to a magazine?

20. Did it get published?

21. Who are your favorite artists?
I admire a lot of artists. But if I had to name a few: Yamato Nase, Takarai Rihito, Yoneda Kou, Suzuki Tsuta, Kaneshiki Swiss, Tokunaki Nozomu, Kubo Tite, Noizi Ito, Ryusuke Hamamoto, Flayu, Kunisaki, lawnmowerpants, kidchan, ProdigyBombay, and QueenofDorks. 

22. Do you like anime/manga? If so, what are your favorite series?
Of course I do! Current favorite anime are: Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Dragonball /Z, Inazuma Eleven, and Durarara!!. Current manga: Naruto, Bleach, Bakuman, and Arakawa Under the Bridge. 

23. Do you like cartoons/comics? If so, what are your favorite series?
I don't really read comics. But I used to watch a cartoon called 'Justice League'. To be honest, I actually even bought a comic book of it the other week. 

24. Any artists that you wish you could draw like?
No, not really. I get a little peeved when I realize I've unconsciously copied another's style. But I'm trying ;u; 

25. Do you read a lot of books?
I’d like to say yes, but I judge books by their covers. 

26. Did you ever buy a book to inspire or teach you to draw?
When I was in grade 5-6 I bought a ‘How to draw Manga’ book, lolmao. Well that shit sucked. 

27. Any video games you enjoy?
Not really the gaming type. I might have a little play with the Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 if I'm up to it. 

28. Any favorite characters from video games?
I was pretty ownage at using Grace in the Dreamcast game 'Spawn: In The Demon's Hand'. 

29. Do you have a favorite writer?
Many lovely young authors from 

30. Any books you really enjoy?
What’s with the fucking books already? I don’t, okay!

31. Do you draw fanart?
All the time. 

32. Do you listen to music while you draw?
Already answered. 

33. Any recommended songs?
Any Prince of Tennis opening/ending theme and character song. Seriously. There's such a wide variety of songs for that series that I don't even need to find bands lol. 

34. Any other art websites that you really enjoy?
Uh. Pixiv and drawr.. 

35. Are there any websites that you go to everyday?
Twitter is my homepage. Then there's Facebook, Sankaku Complex, MangaBullet, Pixiv, TinierMe, and Blogspot. 

36. What is your dream website like?
Just a portfolio for myself, I guess..? 

37. Do you like your own art?
It’s a love/hate thing. 

38. What do you enjoy watching on television?
I don't really watch TV. 

39. Favorite celebrity?
No. Just no. 

40. Favorite color?
Orange, Green, or Brown. I like all colors, though. 

41. Favorite food?
Noodles and soup. 

42. Favorite drink?
Banana milk and coffee. 

43. Do you like to go shopping? If yes, where? And for what?
No. But I'll go into a news agency or bookstore. 

44. Can you cook?
Somewhat. I’m too afraid of the heat from the stove. 

45. Any devices you use often for email? Any electronic pets?
I recently bought tamagotchi. They've been on 'pause' mode for weeks OTL;; 

46. Are you tech-savvy?
The what now? Don’t give me nicknames. 

47. Do you want to become a professional artist?
Again with the love/hate answer. 

48. Are there any other jobs you're interested in?
Janitor, maybe? The only thing I seem good at it is cleaning, unfortunately. 

49. Any other hobbies or skills besides drawing?
Sewing, if I put more effort into it. And needle felting. 

50. Do you like to watch movies?

51. What's your favorite movie?
Any movie that can move me to tears, or really make me laugh out loud. Or just an overall good film. 

52. Have you ever entered an art contest?

53. When did you start drawing seriously?
I think around grade 4, I started to draw more seriously. But only in grade 7+ did I try and better myself with the whole anime/manga style. 

54. Do you use references? If so, for what?
Only for character designs and maybe backgrounds when necessary. If there's a pose I want, etc, I learn it on my own. 

55. Are you a subscriber? If so, are you a beta-tester?
I'm a beta-tester over at MB? 

56. Do you have a lot of net friends?
I like to think I have a lot! 

57. Do you have a lot of friends that also draw?

58. What time of the day do you usually go online?
As soon as I wake up, depending. (On what, I won't say lol.) 

59. Do you like to go to chat rooms?
Not really. If it’s a group convo in MSN, I’ll go with that. 

60. Do you have your own computer?
I can't use any other computer but my own. 

61. What would you say to the person that you admire?

..or something like that. 

62. Does your mind wander when you draw?
If I’m designing characters, I might suddenly begin thinking of a background story for them. 

63. Have you drawn poorly because you think too much?
Yes. It’s annoying. 

64. Do you have any friends who are professional artists?
Well of course! They’re all awesome.

65. Where do you often hang out?
Home. I don’t have a social life. 

66. Are there any popular artists that you don't like much? (no need to name names if you don't want to)
I don’t really know them personally so I can’t judge anyone. Of course, if they have hundreds of comments stating why they’re hated I might change my mind. 

67. Are there any situations in which you really don't like being an Artist?
Art class. I really don’t like being told what I should do with my work. 

68. How about situations that make you love it?
When others enjoy my work ♥ 

69. What's the one thing that makes you grateful that the internet exists?
Meeting wonderful people, and being able to show my art to others. 

70. Is there anything out there that makes you wish the internet didn't exist?
A lot of things. But you have to learn to live with it. 

71. What's your first drawing?
Probably a squiggle. 

72. Any art you did prior to that?
More squiggles. 

73. Has your style changed a lot since then?
Obviously. From a child to now, I'd hope I'd at least advanced from then xD; 

74. If it has changed, in what ways?

75. Have you experienced artist's block before?
All the time. It’s hard to distinguish from lack of motivation, though. 

76. If so, how do you usually get out of it?
Keep drawing. 

77. What do you do when you can't get out of it?
Keep drawing. 

78. Any people that have influenced you a lot?
Lots of people! Or you can refer to question 21 up above.

79. What made you want to start drawing?
Sailormoon made me want to draw. But Pokemon made me want to draw anime/manga. 

81. Has anything ever made you want to quit art all together?
Never. Even when I’m feeling down and might say something that points in that direction, I would never quit.

82. What do you think about netiquette?
It's better than acting like a total noob and pissing everyone else off. 

83. Have you ever been spammed or trolled?

86. Do you upload high quality versions of your art submissions, or do you prefer to upload a lower quality?
I draw on small canvases anyway, so it doesn’t bother me which I post. 

87. Do you have custom CSS? If so, did you make it yourself?
That shit is too hard for my insignificant brain. 

88. Do you have good vision?
Doubt it. Don’t wear glasses though. I know when to rest my eyes. 

89. If you can get anyone's autograph, whose would you get?
Question 21. 

90. What would you say to that person when he or she gives you an autograph?
I'd say thank you so much that the aritst gives up and tells me to go away lol. 

91. Do you like to draw on Oekaki BBS?
I prefer ShiPainter. 

92. Do you have a job?

93. Did you take art in school? If so, did you do well? Are you still taking it?
I don't think art classes in high school and college count. They were stupid. 

94. Have you taken art lessons outside of a school setting?
Maybe some tips from my dad? 

95. Have you ever drawn something just because it was the cool thing to do -- the hip new fad?
Every now and then. But only if I'm really into it myself. I'm not a conformist. 

96. What's your favorite phrase/quote?
I have many. 

97. Do you present yourself differently online than you do in your real life?
Haha.. Well, no. The way I talk online is how I would talk IRL if I weren't so shy/quiet. 

98. What's your goal now?
To stop procrastinating. 

99. What do you have to say to yourself?
Don't give up drawing EVER! 

100. Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone who read this?
If you read this far, please fill this in and post it >u<)d

Just something I wanted to fill out. I was going through my old journal entries on my MangaBullet and found this quiz. Most of it is edited, but I left some of the answers the same. Sorry for any typos!

[EDIT]: While reading this again, I noticed that question 80 is missing. I looked through my original post and the journal of the friend I got it from, but question 80 was still missing. I don't know what's up with that lol.

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