Nov 15, 2010

Perfectionism + Perspective = Painful

Yo, bloggy! Short update today since my internet is slow at the moment and I don't want to have uploaded a lot of pictures into an entry, only for it to crash on me xD;

Been drawing a lot the past couple of days. Unfortunately it's top secret business that includes deviantART, and a sort of "test" I'm running. We'll see how that goes! >uO)d

Another thing I'm working on: REMOTE webcomic! Sort of. Well. This is the furthest I've gone with actually drawing it! I already have quite a few drafts drawn on paper, so now I'm just copying onto SAI, cleaning, lining, and coloring.. *dies a little inside*

Here's a screencap of some of my fail perspective:

Even if I'm already putting too much effort into this (by my standards ;~;), I'm a little excited for the results. If I draw like this for every page, I think my skills will advance a decent amount. I've never bothered to look into perspective, though, so I doubt it looks right, haha;;

On another note! I've allowed anonymous comments =u=)/~♥

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