Nov 4, 2010

Number 8

I want to update this now because I feel that I just have to. Plus, I forgot to update last night;;

Haven't gotten around to getting photos of the kittens yet. It's too dark, and I can't use the flash, so I'll just wait until we've moved them and hopefully get a little more light without getting them blinded xD;

There is indeed four of them, by the way. Two black and white ones, a full black one (this is a first for us!), and a tabby-black-brown mix. They're all so cute! I actually got to pet one before. I wasn't sure if Chari would let me ;u; So soft. And they wriggle around so much! Reminded me of my old pet rat, Chinchu.. I miss her ;3;;

Anyway! Here's some shit I drew/sketched last night:

[I really like Adair with his hat. I don't know why I don't draw it on him more often..]

[My old Sonic OC (yes.. I had one of those) gjijinka'd. He's actually a fish. An extinct Chinese fish called Cyprinus Yilongenesis. I thought it was a cool idea at the time xD;]

[Hiyoooo~ ;A; I've missed drawing him. Love mushroom hair forever ♥]

I'm going to need to get started on more commissions tonight. And I've actually been motivated/inspired to work on the REMOTE webcomic. I really want to get that started and uploaded ;3;)~

The title of this entry is of Android 8 from Dragon Ball. I was just watching an episode with him in it, and he's just too adorable omg ;A; ♥

Since there's no comment reply function, I'm going to just put any replies I have at the end of entries o3o)d

Nov 2, 2010
@nie: Thanks, Nie! You're seriously missing out! ;A; Whenever one of our cats have kittens.. No matter how many times it happens, it's still so magical/exciting! I'm so happy that Chari has finally had them. She's so slim now, LOL. (Funny imagining your mom literally trying to breed them xD;; Like putting one on top the other.. *COUGH*)

I will get onto those photos, I promise! ;A;

I'm glad you like Cecil! >u< -Gosh, I don't know how to go about teaching xD;; Most of my designs are just random clothing (most of the time English or fantasy) that pop into my head as I'm drawing a character. It's best to just look at references of different clothing and then personalizing them as you go along.

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