Nov 20, 2010

My front teeth are sensitive!

I don't want to update because I don't have much to say. But I feel like updating for the sake of updating. Life is hard..

I woke up early this morning despite going to bed late. I was just lying in bed watching Gintama until the early hours. So sad how I can watch a marathon of the same anime over and over.

Uh. Skipped breakfast and went out to fourways and then to Coles. Bought Chari a variety of different cat foods, and bought myself some banana milk (love ♥).

Went home and ate a burger left over from last night. We had Hungry Jacks, which we haven't had in a while. Hopefully next time we'll get pizza (so tired of KFC wtf..).

Then I chillaxed for a while.. Bit pissed off that I didn't even open SAI once today. But I'll let it slide because of my moodswings ;3; *excuses*

Oh, and I sewed for a little bit. Didn't get to finish it, but I have the front half done. So now all I need to do is sew the rest together.

What am I making, you ask? This!:

Made this the other night, actually. This is the prototype. A Tamagotchi! It's approximately 2.5cm in height, even smaller than what a tamanano is. -I'm surprised I even had the energy to start making and finishing something. Out of felt, at that. (I used felt for the overall shape, screen, etc. But used wool felt for the buttons.)

I made a template before making the first one, so I used it again for this second one (it's pink!). I hope it turns out a little nicer than the prototype =3=

Anyway, that's all I have to say today.. I promise I'll have some art to post tomorrow or the day after (I seem to be updating every second day?). Ciao!

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