Nov 10, 2010

Kudou is HOT

Ahh. What to say tonight/this morning (haha, it's already 4AM;;)..? I didn't do much once again yesterday. I did do some laundry, which was a little tiring (it was really bright out and I don't do well under the sun lol). I've also been drawing, somewhat. But I still haven't completed those two commissions, so I'm a little bummed out about that.

I mostly drew on paper with an ink pen. Considering I haven't drawn on paper for so long (at least not hardcore doodling), I'm pretty proud of how they all came out. Too ugly to show, but I was using an ink pen, and I'm surprisingly comfortable with using them now, which is what I'm most proud of ^u^ I'm usually too frigid to start inking on paper. One mistake and I can't Ctrl+Z! *despair*

Maybe if I use ink pen long enough, it will become second nature to me? *snort* Yeah, right. If only ;3; -Anyway here's what I drew on SAI earlier:

Haha~ Kudou-coach! The first one is a gif rendered edit, and the other is the original. I like them both, so I can't really decide which looks best.

YuuZai! ♥ I personally really adore this couple, even though I hardly know anything about them. Yuuji is the seme here. Zaizen just seems too uke to top Yuuji, even though he's taller (I assume he's taller because of his appearance in the anime). Might draw more of them in the future. Zaizen's hair was surprisingly easy to draw (first time drawing it!)~

I think that's about it for today..? Oh!

On another note, the other day one of the Japanese artists I watch over at pixiv, Nozomu-sama (please visit her site, it's just packed with wonderful AtoHiyo goodness~!), actually added me back on twitter! I was so happy! ;u; I mean, she already added me over at pixiv months ago. But to add me on twitter too.. I really admire her! And I love her works/doujins (even though I can't really read them lol)! ♥♥

Okay! Now I'm done! My blog isn't complete without some sort of artist worship xD -Good night/morning, blog!

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