Nov 3, 2010


I didn't actually end up drawing until my hands "bled" the other day/yesterday. The time of my motivation was all out of sync with my inspiration that I tend to only get late at night. So my motivation was wasted, obviously =A=;; I did manage to draw a couple of things though:

[Light KibiShin I was drawing yesterday. It's just a friendly hug ♥]

[I've already posted this picture at two separate places, and I don't really want to explain who the one of the right is again. Just know that the one on the left is Adair, and the one on the right is Cecil. And they're step-brother-cousins xD]

I was up all night just drawing/sketching/chatting, right until around 2:30PM, when I finally decided to actually go to bed. 10 minutes later I find myself panicking because Charity (my cat) seemed to be meowing at me incessantly, which she never does, especially not in the tone she used. My first guess was that she was having her kittens.

I was right. A little googling and finding out where she went to hide (behind our washing machine), I knew she was ready to have them. I didn't do anything, even though I wanted to move her somewhere more.. cozy. Because she seemed a little reluctant to move by the time we found out she was really having them.

By around 3PM, Chari was just purring madly, and because I'm a sissy, I was just humming to myself nearby so she knew I was there and so it would help at least one of us CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Seriously, I was so scared. I knew she would be alright because I've had cats in the past who've birthed kittens in their first year (Chari is only a year old I think?). But that was at dad's, where dad's girlfriend also lives. And she's usually the one to take care of all of these things. I was kind of on my own with Chari (except for my mom and bro who were just a little more than useless lol).

So after a little whiny-meow cries from Chari, I look behind the washing machine to find she's had her first kitten. It was so tiny! It was already moving, and meowing. Chari was licking it clean like crazy, seriously, she was like all up in that shit. -But I was so excited. And so happy. And.. Well, I didn't get over emotional or anything. But I did run around to tell everyone it looks gross LOL. But it was still cute at the same time ;u;)d

I don't know how long it took for the second one to come out, but when I looked back there were three of them already. I was so tired, and just so excited. My eyes were already blurring by this time because of my lack of sleep, and everything was looking a little smokey, so it was hard to concentrate. I finally decided to actually get some sleep after it seemed like Chari would be fine on her own. D did the count for me before I went and said he saw four.

I can't be sure she only has four, because she could have easily birthed another while I was sleeping (it's too dark to see, and all of her kittens look like they have dark fur, lol). But every time I've checked on her the past few hours, she seemed content on just letting her kittens drink her milk. I'm just glad they're all so healthy, and that Chari isn't badly hurt ;3;;;

I did take some photos of the birthing process (because I'm like that whimpering husband on the side who wants to film his wife's childbirth, but totally faints when the head pops out), but the lighting was lacking, so they didn't turn out very well. I'll be sure to take nicer photos once they're all cleaned up and moved into a nicer bed.

Yep! So that's the tale of how Chari had her kittens.. And how I'm a loser. LOL. -I just wanted to have this written down somewhere so I would remember just how amazing it was ;u;

And now I'm going back to bed. Because even if I did have a nap, I'm still lacking rest and my body aches like holy whoa;; Good night, bloggy! ♥

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  1. Wahhh-congrats on the kittens! None of my pets ever had babies before, so I don't really know how it goes ;u; (mum has been trying to get my hedgehogs to breed but they're

    Do post pictures! I'd love to see what the little kittens look like ;u; And Chari too!

    Also ADAIR <333 Cecil looks hot too omg TEACH ME HOW TO DESIGN CHARACTERS PREASE