Nov 11, 2010

KudoFudo and Hiyoshi

It's already around 7:30AM. What's wrong with me? OTL;;

What did I do all night? Well, I was drawing! *A* But, procrastinating. Not like.. commissions.. like I should be doing *dies* -Was drawing a decent KudoFudo portrait-ish picture:

Yeah.. Pretty creepy looking at the moment, but I'll get there! I was actually planning to stay up, because I have to go grocery shopping with mom later, and I figured I'd try finish this during the wait. But I'm too tired now, and can't concentrate very well. So quitting while I'm ahead;;

And because Hiyoshi is my favorite PoT character of all time:

Kind of random xD I only drew this like 5 minutes ago, too. I think my Hiyo looks too pretty..

Um. Haven't much to say today.. Notice the new header? Yeah, I hate it too. I'll definitely make a better one next time. I was just getting sick of looking at that no-effort header ^p^; I'm still working on a background to add, too.

Anyway, good night/morning, I guess! >3<)/;;

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