Nov 7, 2010

I'm up late again..

But that's not necessarily a bad thing! I've just been drawing since yesterday evening. And by drawing, I mean actually being productive for once. So productive, my hand aches! 8D I'm so glad. I haven't felt very productive at all this week, especially with the kittens being born and everything has just been too exciting that the week went right by me ;~;

Speaking of kittens, I've yet to take those photos OTL Not that I'm procrastinating on that or anything. I'm just worried about what'll happen if I let the kittens be exposed to too much light at once, so I'm leaving it until they at least have their eyes open. Plus I just feel terrible when I go to pick one up and it starts crying at me sob;; -They really are squeaky, though! Yesterday morning I woke up to Chari dragging one of the kittens over to my wardrobe (I finally moved them out of the laundry the other day and to the nest I made under my bed, and I had a back-up bed made in my wardrobe in case). It was kind of funny and scary at the same time, since I only saw a little of the kitten Chari had hanging from her mouth before she disappeared into the wardrobe, lol..

Um, what else.. It's Sunday today! A new week (I think Monday starts the week, but Sunday just feels like that day). There's so much I want to do. I'll need to complete more commissions before I can start working on REMOTE, too. A new chapter was released yesterday and I just spazzed out so much, It really got me motivated! I already have 6 or so page drafts of the webcomic, but I'm doing this in full-color, so I wonder how long it'll take me to complete one page argh;; But yeah, that's something I have planned, hopefully o3o)/

Anyway! Here's a screenshot of the commissions I've been working on all night:

[Had a lot of fun drawing all these. I'm embarrassed to admit I hardly ever read character profiles (because half the time the creator will have a huge wall of text @_@;;), but these character profiles were just so interesting! I'm glad I got to draw them. 

Only this one (the girl with the fans, obviously) and another to go *A* Then.. Then I have more to do.. *dies a little inside*]

On a random note, should I allow anonymous comments for this blog? I don't mind getting anon comments. It's the ads that I'm more worried about (used to get them at my FC2 blog), though they're easily just deletable. -I don't know how many people actually follow this blog, but I like to think at least a couple of people are reading. I'm just wondering if you guys would like it if I allowed comments from users who don't have blogspot accounts? o3o Just type something into my shoutbox if you're interested~

And holy balls it's almost 4AM! I better get some sleep ahaha;; Good night morning, blog! ♥

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