Dec 1, 2010

I have a hat!

I've been neglecting to update my blog on the days that I'd plan to, well, update. Which is a little unsettling because I don't feel as motivated to draw if my blog isn't updated. So then I end up not doing anything useful with all my free time in day.

Yesterday (I say yesterday, because it's almost 5AM) mother and I went to fourways to hand in some forms. After that I went to Nerd Central, our local comic book store, for the second time ever. It's.. so weird. The first time I went I felt too awkward and left after like 10-20 seconds. This time I actually had a browse around, and I found I quite liked the atmosphere regardless of the clerk at the front keeping a close eye on things, the other random shoppers, and the small one-room store we were all crammed into along with rows of comic books. I even ended up browsing for a full 10+ minutes or so.

I honestly don't know why I went in there. I wasn't really expecting to buy anything. But I did end up finding a Justice League (Cartoon Network series) comic book, which was quite thick, and pretty cheap. I ended up buying it, only because it would be rude of me to browse for so long and NOT buy anything;; -I was quite surprised to find a manga shelf there too, and I plan to go back again to purchase some.

That's basically the only "active" thing I did all day. We did go grocery shopping after. And then when we got back home my bro and I played with the kittens for a while.. I seriously need a life xD;;

Compulsory art post:

[Random sketch of my OC, Daisuke. I haven't drawn him in so long! I forget that he wears purple nailpolish, so I wanted to draw his hand in.]

[Attempt at drawing a pirate ship. I'm honestly a little proud of how it turned out this time because I managed to add in all of those ropes and make it look natural (I totally half-assed and guessed where each rope would be).]

Alright, that's all. Time for me to get some sleep =A=;; Good night!

P.S. Blog title because my older brother brought a new hat home which he didn't want, so he gave it to me. lol P:

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