Nov 25, 2010



Aww man. I really didn't want to update unless I had something new to share/post. But I can't seem to be able to draw anything right now (it could be because I'm tired, since it is 4AM and all lol). I should have forced myself to update when I actually drew something the other day, or the day before OTL;;

Since I'm a cheat, I guess I'll share those here too then:

[Finally got around to taking photos of the kittens (not good photos, I might add). I've only posted them on Facebook, though. I might try and get some new/clearer photos soon.

I think I've mentioned this before, but the kitten we're considering keeping (it's a definite maybe) is Big Green, the only tabby of the bunch. Being the loser fujoshi I am, I decided to gijinka him into a silly shota boy ;3; ]

[I've already posted this at places like twitpic, or on my y!Gallery, so I won't give an overly descriptive comment on this lol.

It's basically what it looks like. Random shota boys xD]

On a totally random note, I recieved a doujin I purchased in the mail yestoday. Another by the great Nozomu-sama~! (Linked her site on my sidebar there!) It's an older one by her, and it's not AtoHiyo. But I'm just happy I could add another of her works to my collection. She's so amazing! ;3; ♥♥

Going to bed now, I guess. It's already morning here. It's Thursday today, so I'll hopefully draw heaps before the weekend is over. Adieu!

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  1. noni-kun ypu are amzing nice draws!!