Nov 27, 2010

Curse pirate ships and their complexity!

Currently googling pirate ships and masts. F*cking! So much technical stuff I have to take note of. I'm stuck between half-assing and drawing a cartoon-ish pirate ship, or being the perfectionist I am and going all out. Though half-assing would probably take just as much effort OTL

I know I said I wouldn't update because I'd be at dad's, but D keeps lending me his laptop (awwright!). I even got to catch up on Arakawa Under the Bridge x2 last night. I really love Nino! She's so adorable. Makes me wish I bothered to complete season 1. I might watch it when I get back home, since the episodes are on my younger brother's computer.

I tried to draw Nino (D brought his tablet along).. but using another computer to draw with just feels so foreign. I don't like it! -I did end up drawing some random Atobe sketches though:

[More REMOTE stuff. I mostly wanted to practice drawing that detective hat. Such a bitch to draw!

(I wonder how this will look on my own computer.. D's resolution is a tad wide ;3;)]

Completely unrelated, but I found this picture saved in my personal folder that my bro always seems to keep on his computers:

[OMG! It's my original character Naoto drawn by Kaze-Hime @ dA! If I remember correctly, I got this sketch through an item trade on TinierMe ;3;

Nnnghhh adorable Naoto, I love it! ♥]

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  1. Kaze-Hime draws the cutest stuff o3o

    I think you did a good job on the hat! Hats are really hard to draw too u_u