Nov 26, 2010

Commissions + Hiyoshi Collection

Sorry for the lame title. I'm trying to make this update quick because I'm finally going to dad's this weekend (we haven't been going since Chari had her kittens). I usually don't look forward to going there because of the lack of my own computer (I do borrow D's laptop, but it's not the same), so I can't CG or finish works even though it's a weekend where I could be using that time to.. CG and stuff xD; -But nah, I'm excited this time! Finally get to see dad after so long. He's been a little busy himself since the tattoo shop opened, so neither of us are really at fault. It'll be good to see him! And he'll be taking us to see the new Harry Potter film, so, yatta! Haha ♥

Since I won't be here to update for the next couple of days, I figured I'd update this now since I haven't been posting many entries this month. Starting with completed commissions:

I've already posted these with a decent description here! I'm so thankful that people would want to commission me ever. I'm a terrible procrastinator. So not worthy ;3; ♥

This reminds me that it's Thanksgiving in America. We don't celebrate that type of thing in Australia (obviously), but I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans who read my blog! >u<)/~

I don't feel comfortable doing purchase posts. But after getting another Hiyoshi doujin the other day, I wanted to take pictures of all my other Hiyoshi doujins I've collected in the past couple of months:

Prince of Tennis is quite an old but new-ish franchise, so it's sort of easy, but not so easy to collect doujins. Especially when you're a foreigner OTL;;

The third photo are doujins I've collected by Nozomu-sama, who is sort of like my Hiyoshi (and AtoHiyo) supplier *Q* MIAU and contemplation are 2010 releases, and Gekokujou shitteimasu ka? is one of her 2009 releases. I think Nozomu-sama's doujins are definitely my favorite. Her Hiyoshi is so adorable! ♥

The last three photos are pretty random. The metallic poster was just something I bought randomly (it's a tad bent), but it has both Hiyoshi and Atobe on it, so I definitely had to have it! I don't mind Oshitari being there either. After AtoHiyo, AtoHiyoOshi are definitely my OT3 ♥

And the buttons I bought from rabbituriel @ dA, who made a sales post about her buttons on the TeniPuri LJ comm. I actually bought two of each, just so I can keep one on display xD;; Man, I'm a loser.

[EDIT]: HOLY CRAP, LOL! I totally just noticed that my Pokémon pillow is sort of visible in the first photo! *more of a loser*

Alrighty! So I have to go now ;3; I need to turn off my computer and turn off the power switch (I'm paranoid) before I leave. -Thanks for reading this entry, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ♥♥

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