Nov 9, 2010

Big Green and Roman

Had a short pchat session at Chan's (chancake@dA/twitter) takamin board earlier that was actually open for quite a while. It's really amazing how conversation can take a turn for the weird, lol. (Shout out to the awesome dudes I just met. And thank you for adding me on twitter! ♥)

So I haven't been updating again. I've been putting it off because I haven't finished two commissions that are so easily finish-able that I can't believe I can't even motivate myself to actually work on them! Hell. I only really have one more to draw, too. I only need to color this second-last one OTL

Well, whatever. Here's the sketches I drew in the pchat (first 4 I drew at soulmeoka@twitter's takamin board, and the other two I drew at Chan's):

KudoFudo ♥ -Also, here's a picture I just cropped and uploaded so I could show someone. It's actually quite old, so I might as well share it since I never really planned to do anything with it. Maybe I'll redraw this one day with the final designs:

I was actually quite proud of these at the time I was drawing them. Partly because dad (it was a holiday and we were there for a week) kept complimenting my work. But mostly because they were the closest thing I could draw to full bodies (I never wanted to even attempt them!). And this was only a couple of months ago, too xD; I'd like to think I've improved if drawing full bodies is as easy as it is now.

Anyway, hoping I'll be more motivated to finish the commissions tomorrow. I also have to get working on REMOTE. I've sketched out more designs and such in one of my lined notebooks *dumbass*, and LaL (author of REMOTE) also updated with another chapter earlier so I'm like, so motivated/inspired to start working on that. Better get a move on.

Um. Also, concerning the title. It was pre-decided that one of the kittens would be named 'Big Green' (please watch this DBZ UK DUB to understand the reference). I mostly did it for LavenderIce, but I was also highly amused with the name Big Green. My bro has also started calling the kitten (the tabby-ish one) by the name, along with "Let that child alone." jokes! xD

Roman is the name of the full black kitten. I was just throwing names out there like 'Blacky' (scrapped that name instantly because we had a cat named Blacky in the past that betrayed us for another owner even though we spent $300+ to freaking spray/fix her) the other night. Then I thought of 'Noir', which my bro didn't really like. So he was like "What about Roman?". At first I was like "Roman? What?". He really meant to give it a Roman-ish name, but I ended up calling it Roman anyway. So that's what we're calling it now, lol.

We've only named those two kittens so far. We don't know if we'll officially name the other two because out of the all the kittens, we decided we'd only keep either the tabby-mix or the full black one (even though my mom doesn't want us to keep it because of bad luck ;3;). We don't really want another black and white cat, because Chari pretty much covers it (a tad mean, I know). They are all so cute, though. It sort of all depends on when we can tell their gender, I guess. There's also the two people my dad said wanted to claim a kitten. I'm not sure what gender they were after..

Anyway, that's about it. I think I'll head to bed no-- HOLY IT'S ALREADY 4AM?! When did THAT happen?! God damn, body clock! -Good night, bloggy ;~;

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