Oct 9, 2010

Reading Japanese

Had a bit of a derp moment today. Found out I FORGOT to pack my Japanese language learning book OTL;; I always seem to forget to pack something whenever I go to dad's. Usually it's the one thing that I need to relieve my boredom.

But it's okay! I brought along the Prince of Tennis doujin I showed off last time so that I could finally look through it properly (last time I only flipped through it quickly without trying to discern what was even happening). I've actually made an effort to try and read it, or at least read all the hiragana and katakana. I've even recognized a few kanji used. I might not understand what's happening, but it feels good to be able to read and understand at least a few words! >u<

Anyway.. I just wanted to say that. No art to post this time (gasp!), but I'll be coming home tomorrow and I'll need to finish waifu's Birthday present and then start on Nie's. -Catch ya'll (who even reads this? LMAO) later!

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