Oct 22, 2010

Pokémon Movie Marathon

Technically it's not a marathon, since I've sort of been putting random movies on rather than have them play in order. My bro is also hanging out in my room again. He's been doing that lately, and while it's nice and all, he tends to over-stay his welcome OTL;; -He didn't leave until 3AM WTF.

Anyway, just making my daily post. I wanted to say something more, but as soon as I opened up blogspot I completely forgot ;3;

[Fanart of Tory from the 7th movie, Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys. I don't really like the later films of pokemon (I miss MISTY ;A;), but I'll make an exception, just for this cutie ♥]

[Random sitting portrait.. I suck. (Not a girl btw.)]

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