Oct 13, 2010

Interlude 2

Sorry I haven't been updating the past couple of days. Our internet was capped for a day or so. And before than I just had nothing much to say.. But now I do! Well, it's more of an emo rant.

So I got a note on deviantART today.. I won't relay it here, but it was just very upsetting to me and now I feel like the biggest loser ever. It really makes me want to look down on myself, point, and laugh. I guess I could do that to a mirror, but I'm just so grossed out I can't even look at my own reflection.

I know I'll get over it later. I always do with these sort of things. I might even end up not caring about the issue at hand, too. But for now I wish there was a thunderstorm outside so I could just run out there and jump in every puddle I find! Boy, that would feel so great right about now..

Also, just now another light died on my heater. This is just not my day.

Anyway, enough of that! Have some random stuff I drew last night (lolwut):

[Random pokemon gijinka.. I forgot which pokemon it is lol.]

[Weirdest crossover ever. My bro was actually hanging around in my room until early this morning (we were up all night), so we were just chatting while I was drawing crap, and he brought up this random crossover.. He calls it 'DigiNote', can you believe that? xD;; -I couldn't draw Ryuuku worth shit, so I drew an apple with devil wings and feet (looks like one of those small digimon lol).]

I drew more.. but I kind of don't want to post them now;; So here's a pic of my cat!:


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