Oct 7, 2010


I really need to prioritize myself and stop going to bed so LATE. I'm feeling disorientated every afternoon/evening I wake up. Today, I even woke up at 4:30PM. WHAT IS THAT!? *sobs in corner* -Not only that, but I really need to get more work done. Procrastinating is putting me in a bad position right now OTL;;

Some quick TM commission bust shots (very simply drawn). The first one is only an example. I've only had one commissioner so far. But only because my older brother gifted me like half of the items I was looking for, haha;;; That jerk.

Sketch of GabuxMei in non-chibi gijinka form.

Quick lineart work. This was only to neaten it out/fix their poses. I'll resize and re-line it again after. -My Mei looks so girly ;A; I tried hard to make him at least a little boy-ish.

Uwahh. I think one of my packages have gone missing. The person I bought from apparently sent it weeks ago ;A; This is a shame. I've never had a package get lost before.