Oct 26, 2010

Bleach Marathon!

I had one today xD I had the whole Soul Society arc (my favorite one!) just playing in the background while I did my own thing. I did open the window every now and then to see Ichigo being badass, though!

Anyway, I just wanted to update before I went to bed toni-this morning. I forgot to update yesterday after I came home from dad's. But at least I have art/sketches to post with my entry! ;3; ♥

Brief from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! He's such a cutie. I'm glad he's getting more and more fanart each day over at Pixiv~

[Quick sketch drawn in a mix between P&S and Bleedman's art style.. *shiver* I actually used to kind of draw like this when I was younger. Power Puff Girls is too influential..?]

[I managed to get the chance to Hamachi network with my waifu yesterday (Mon for me, Sun for her)! Even if it was short ;u; -Sketch of waifu's adorable OCs ♥♥]

[Some ByaHana I finished drawing just a while ago. I pair these two, but I've never actually drawn a proper illustration of them. I wouldn't exactly call this "proper", but at least it's not an awful pencil sketch just scribbled on some line paper.. xD;; -Hanatarou ♥]

I better start thinking up some Halloween illustration ideas, ne..

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