Sep 23, 2010

TinierMe and DBZ

As I promised, I'm updating a little earlier today. I think I'm becoming obsessive compulsive with this updating thing xD;

Here's a few things I've drawn today:

[My current TM avatar. He pretty much wears all black aside from his white collar shirt, red tie, and his white shoes that you can't see. He also has a briefcase because he's a real estate agent xD
My brother asked me why I give random jobs to the avatars I create. I honestly don't know why, but when I see a man in a suit, things like that just pop into my head. Like a pimp, or a news broadcaster.. LOL.]

[Randomly started thinking about how Fudou and Supreme Kai Shin both have mohawks. Stupid reason really, since their personalities are nowhere near alike xD;; 
Shin was one of my favorite characters of DBZ back in the day ^u^ -Posted this mostly for LavenderIce ♥]

[Face of the day~ This is also one of my other TM avatars I like to change to quite often.]

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