Sep 19, 2010

Sitting Pose

I want to hurry and update before the day officially changes in the US timezone (is this US time?) xD; I feel a little silly thinking I can manage to update once every day, though;;

Anyway, I drew this today:

My precious waifu asked me to draw her Pokemon gijinka, Poochy (Poochyena), and Zigzag (Zigzagoon). Even though they're girls, I actually had some fun drawing/coloring them. I especially like how it turned out, considering. Lately my coloring style has been more on the lazy side. It's probably not that obvious, but I used to put so much more effort into my coloring. The coloring here was all in one layer.

Again with the sitting poses (last entry). It's good I'm getting more practice with them, instead of the usual awkward standing pose I draw often. I think I should practice sitting poses facing forward though. From the 3/4 view, it's a lot more easier to draw, feels like I'm cheating lol.

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